Published: Tue, October 25, 2016
Sport | By Dustin Murphy

Jay Ajayi Makes History; Joins Campbell, Williams and Simpson in Record Books

Jay Ajayi Makes History; Joins Campbell, Williams and Simpson in Record Books

There is a reason Earl Campbell, O.J Simpson, and Ricky Williams are still idolized in the NFL. These are the only players to ever run 200 yards in back-to-back games. While all the online NFL betting odds suggested that Jay Ajayi might join this group, it was still a surprise.

Jay came out of Boise State, and most people probably wouldn’t have remembered this fifth round pick if not for his performance on Sunday. Jay hasn’t enjoyed nearly as much playing time.

In fact, he only got his first start of 2016 in recent weeks. The fact that the Dolphins have repeatedly passed him over for Arian foster, who is frequently plagued with injury says a lot about their weaknesses.

With a single game high of 48-yards in the second game of his career, Jay ran for 212 yards on Sunday. If that doesn’t sound particularly impressive, remember that this performance comes after the 204 yards he delivered the week before. 

Think about what it means for Jay to join the likes of Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell in such a highly esteemed group. This is a player that has seen no more than a dozen games in his very short career, and he is already ranked among the best of them.

For a player that has been delivering 15 yards or even fewer ever since he came into the NFL, Jay’s is one of the most enticing rags to riches stories you will find in the NFL. This is the sort of player rookies will be looking up to for years to come, especially if his career takes the trajectory everyone expects. 

And Jay’s star isn’t likely to fade anytime soon. You only need to look at his running power to realize that he is definitely going to stay the course and make it all the way to the top.

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Even for an athlete that is so sturdy, though, it is difficult to believe that Jay is the only player to rush for more than 200 yards in the 2016 season. Those that saw him play in college cannot be surprised by what they are seeing.

The Ethiopian-British Immigrant lived in London, then Maryland and finally Texas before finding his way to Idaho, making waves as an athlete with Boise State. Jay won many accolades during his time at Boise State.

His record (32 touchdowns and 2,000 yards in his junior year) drove him to enter the draft rather than proceeding to his senior season. As a fifth round pick, it isn’t surprising that so many people didn’t see Jay coming.

Sure, he had last week’s 204 yards to boast about; but, for a player so young, everyone was right in thinking that that was a fluke. It wasn’t until Sunday’s repeat performance on Jay’s part that people began believing the hype.

And one should note the positive impact Jay has had on the Dolphins as a whole. Their 1-4 record was rather pathetic before Jay came onboard and helped them overcome the Bills and the Steelers.

Miami has all but turned its luck around, and it is all because of Jay Ajayi.

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