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ChileGAF | OT | CTM weon polish the thread! - NeoGAF

ChileGAF | OT | CTM weon polish the thread! - NeoGAF

Hi, and welcome to the chilean GAF thread, if you're planning to pay us to visit feel free to ask us, and if you live here, kindly share your experiences and chops with everyone.

Thread name suggestions:
- The country shaped like a Chili
- What does "wea fome qliao" mean?
[Please suggest more!] < Re a small (ish) country located at the south eastern edge of South America, we have a pretty long coast so no seafood shortage in here, our capital city (Santiago) holds about 1 / 3rd (6m approx.) Of the total population , With that said there is a clear unbalance in the distribution of the population but that does not mean cities are deserted, not at all.

Some internationally well-known ones, Chileans:

- Pinochet and Allende, but pretty please try to avoid this pair, we're already on it and we still have a long way to go.
- Cote de Pablo , An actress ...
- The fat dude from Lost (
did not watch it so dunno his name) - Kane Blueriver, the people's champ
- Is Mario Kreutzberger) - Oberyn Martell
- Some youtuber named YoSoyGerman
- The 33 miners (minus 1, who is Bolivian) Sanz
- Tom Araya, the angel of death, monarch of the kingdom of the dead
- Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) and Arturo Vidal (Bayern Munich)
- Manuel Pellegrini, the most loved MCFC manager ever HAHAHAHAHAHHA
- Alejandro Jodorowski, a genius
- Nicanor Parra, another genius
- Claudio Arrau, a genius
- Claudio Bravo , Hyperrealist painter
- Claudio Bravo, hyperrealist keeper

Ok so I just got here, what do?

Emma Stone Wants to Star in * True Detective * With Kristen Wiig | Vanity Fair
During the film's premiere, she said that she went through the "street, [and] had home fries." J. I would do True Detective with Kristen Wiig in a heartbeat, "she said.

Health Library | Health and Wellness | Wellmont Health System
Acanthosis nigricans in obese patients: presentations and implications for prevention of atherosclerotis vascular disease. Available at:

Equatorial Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures | Teleconnections | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
An SST anomaly of + 0.5 ° C in the Niño 3.4 region is sufficient to reach this threshold from late March to mid-June. The most commonly used region is the SST departure from normal greater than or equal to + 0.5 ° C.

I would not recommend Santiago though, I gotta go north or south, avoid the middle and big cities, other than museums and historical places there is not much in them (YMMV).

For some LOTR -like experience go to Torres del Paine, some breathtaking landscapes there ...

Seriously hot, Peter Jackson what were you thinking Other places:

Valley of the Moon (Moon Valley):

The Tatio Geysers:

Lauca National Park:

And obviously, Konami's inspiration, MGS V will not even exist if these dudes were not chillin 'quietly in our Most well known offshore island:

Chile is a lot of fun, but it will not knock on your door, you have 2670 miles (thanks google) of coast, valleys, and all kinds of climate To explore and have fun.

Enjoy your stay and / or this thread!

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