Published: Wed, January 18, 2017
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Fertility Monitor Predicts PLUS Confirms Ovulation

Fertility Monitor Predicts PLUS Confirms Ovulation

When you're ready for a baby, it can be all that in your mind - whether you've just started trying or been for months. OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor is the ONLY total solution available with connected devices for your body's Readings and syncing those readings through to charting and community.

OvaCue is an electronic fertility monitor designed specifically to increase your chances of conceiving. Take the guesswork out of your fertility by seamlessly reading and tracking your body's biology clues. Women who know when they are fertile have a higher chance of getting pregnant during that cycle.

Unlike urine-based fertility monitors, OvaCue works for women with irregular cycles and PCOS too. OvaCue is simple to use, but if you need it extra above and beyond, OvaCue Specialists at Fairhaven Health will assist you with interpretation of OvaCue readings. The 24/7 online forums in the OvaGraph community are brimming with women from all different stages in the TTC journey ready to give you prompt input on whether the time is right for you to baby dance!

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OvaCue measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. Unlike urine-based fertility monitors that require messy (not to mention costly and bad for the environment) urine testing, OvaCue uses the patented Electrolyte Method to predict PLUS ovulation ovulation.

Simply place the oral sensor on your tongue Daily and OvaCue will record a reading of the electrolyte resistance in your saliva. The monitor will track trends in these readings, looking to identify a specific trend (called the "Cue Peak") that marks the beginning of your fertile window. Once this trend is detected, your fertility calendar will show varying shades of blue (from light to dark), indicating low to peak fertility, and provide 5-7 days advance notice of ovulation. Planning intercourse for these blue days - the most fertile days of your cycle - will improve your chances of conceiving. OvaCue keeps track of your current cycle and current fertility status - and stores previous months of readings.

Once you begin using the vaginal sensor, the monitor is able to track trends in the vaginal readings to determine when Your body switches from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance, the clue it uses to confirm that ovulation occurred. As you move through your fertile window, signified by the blue days on the calendar, the monitor will be tracking the vaginal readings closely so that it can detect the trend it is looking for to confirm ovulation. Once this trend is detected, your calendar will display a pink box, indicating "ovulation confirmed." Confirming ovulation gives you added peace of mind and helps avoid the emotional roller coaster of false positive on ovulation prediction.

Works for Irregular Cycles and PCOS and Here's Why

With your purchase of an OvaCue Fertility Monitor, you will also receive free, unlimited access to OvaGraph , the official charting tool of Taking Charge of Your Fertility . You will be able to view all the same data on whether you are on desktop / laptop, tablet or smart phone.

It will often surprise our customers, but OvaCue Specialists at Fairhaven Health will assist You with interpretation of OvaCue readings, whenever necessary. And the vibrant OvaGraph community is always ready to assist and sprinkle you with baby dust! The OvaCue Fertility Monitor comes in two different formats - the "traditional" OvaCue Fertility.

Two OvaCue Fertility Monitor Options

Monitor and the new OvaCue Mobile!

1. The "traditional" OvaCue Fertility Monitor includes a handheld monitor, oral sensor, and a vaginal sensor. The monitor tracks trends in the readings to indicate their most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar. OvaCue users also have access to OvaGraph, a FREE online charting tool that can be used to graph your OvaCue readings, store an unlimited number of cycles, and much more. Change languages ​​with the push of a button - displays in English, Spanish or Chinese.

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