Published: Sat, January 21, 2017
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Guacamole by Wholly Organic Guacamole Brand Minis Classic All Natural 2 oz

Guacamole by Wholly Organic Guacamole Brand - Minis Classic Mild All Natural - 20/2 oz units Peel & Squeeze - 100 Calories each Ready to Eat

NOTICE: Product will be packed cold for freshness with ice packs in a cooler or insulated foil bag. We will ship expedited even when you select ground for shipping. .

Wholly Guacamole Brand Classic Peel it - Squeeze it - Dip it - Top it - Spread it - Love it - America's # 1 100 calories portable cups.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology, when used on guacamole, the end result is completely 100% all natural, fresh tasting product.

America's # 1 Guacamole - Hass Avocado, vinegar, Jalapeño Pepper, dehydrated onion, salt and granulated garlic.

Keep refrigerated, use or freeze when you receive your order. >

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I said, "Are you kidding me? It takes two days! "His reply," Well you got two hours. "My mother did not think she could be done. You do not have to do this but I also added diced and roasted red, green & amp; Yellow bell peppers which I had pre-cooked.

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Guacamole Roll-Ups, Homegating with Chef Nathan Lippy by WhollyGuacamole Youtube Channel

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Individual portions of Guacamole brand Wholly Organic Guacamole - 20 servings of 57 g each.

Product of Mexico, please refrigerate, use or freeze when you receive it .

The word Gua Camole comes from the Nahuatl Ahuacamúlli, which consists of the words: Ahuácatl = avocado and Mulli or Molli Stew.

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