Published: Wed, January 11, 2017
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HIV & amp; AIDS Information :: Types of test - Confirmatory tests

HIV & amp; AIDS Information :: Types of test - Confirmatory tests

The test is repeated (either with the same testing equipment or with a more sensitive test) and still giving a positive result A new blood sample being taken and this also giving a positive result. Any discrepancy between the test results, or any indeterminate results, being investigated, and further tests carried out if necessary.

The principle of this sequential testing strategy is that the first tests used should have very high sensitivity. In other words, they detected the largest possible number of samples from those who really do not have HIV. For example, a test with the sensitivity of 99.8% will correctly identify 998 of every 1000 HIV-positive people who take it.

However, the test may also incorrectly report a positive number of people who are not infected at all. These cases will be cleared up by confirmatory testing.

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Depending on the laboratory's practice, negative results may be retested with one other assay, or the initial negative result may be considered reliable enough.

All laboratories will also retest.

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