Published: Fri, January 20, 2017
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Lorenzo Gonzalez Cacho - Found Deceased 9/3/10

Lorenzo Gonzalez Cacho - Found Deceased 9/3/10

Justice chief: We know what happened to Lawrence By CB Online Staff

Authorities know the circumstances surrounding the unsolved killing of 8-year-old Lorenzo Gonzalez Cacho last March but still lack evidence to file charges In the case, Justice Secretary Guillermo Somoza Colombani said Monday.
"We do not have enough evidence to sustain the case beyond a reasonable doubt," he said.

The Justice Department chief has been gleaned in recent days that will help in filing And sustaining of the case. He said the new information, which he did elaborate on, essentially cleared the case.

"Although we now know what happened, the more one investigates it opens the range of doors. We will knock on them and connect the relevant dots, "Somoza Colombani said.

Lorenzo Gonzalez was mortally wounded in an attack at his mother's home in the early hours of March 9. His mother, Ana Cacho, said he fell, but an autopsy found that he bled to death of stab wounds.

The case quickly caught the island's attention due to the mystery surrounding the scene at the home during the boy's final hours and Cacho's delay in taking him to the hospital. As the probe has dragged on, "Justice for Lorenzo" groups have popped up on Facebook and staged rallies to pressure authorities to clear the case.

A book written by a private detective who had been hired and fired by Cacho and her mother sold briskly but shed little light on the case.

Milton Rodríguez, a former Puerto Rico police officer and founder of RT

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Cacho and her family have also filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences campus and medical personnel and social workers who provided counseling to her two daughters following the still unsolved slaying of their 8-year-old brother Lawrence .

The plaintiffs, including Cacho's mother Amneris Yvette Gonzalez and other family members, allege a pattern of violations of their civil rights.

The family department took custody of Cacho's two daughters after Lorenzo died of stab wounds after an attack on the woman's home in the upscale Dorado neighborhood.

Cacho and her co-plaintiffs argue that The family suffered "immeasurable harm and mental anguish" in the nine months they were kept apart from the girls, who have since been released into the custody of their father. The plaintiffs claim they have suffered from "sleeping difficulties, depression, constant sadness and anxiety, feelings of helplessness, desperation, frustration and anger" for not being able to The girls in the wake of their brother's murder.

The lawsuit targets the UPR campus because "its Biosocial Sciences program, without any evidence of violence within the family, Information from the minors to clear a criminal investigation. "

The lawsuit seeks $ 1 million in damages to each of the plaintiffs.

Guillermo Somoza has said in recent weeks that Cacho remains a suspect In the unsolved killing of her son.

The Justice Department did not rule out the possibility of "other suspects," but did list several people who have been cleared of involvement including Cacho's mother, the boy's father Ahmed Alí González Sánchez, a Nd Luis Gustavo Rivera Seijo, a homeless man nicknamed "El Manco" whose confession has been dismissed as not viable.

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