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The 100 most popular girls names in 2016 - BabyCenter

The 100 most popular girls names in 2016 - BabyCenter

It's over 2016 and it's time to present you the list of the 100 most popular girl names of the year.

If you are searching for the perfect name and you want some of BabyCenter mom's favorites, or on the other hand, you want your baby a name that almost nobody has chosen, you are in the right place! Here you will find the inspiration you need, (if you already have your baby's name, check also how popular it is!)

Trends 2016 in girl's names

To find baby names more Popular in 2016, BabyCenter launched a survey and thanks to the participation of 17,000 moms and future moms we can present you the trends of the year.

The survey revealed, among other things, that most prospective fathers chose the name simply because they liked it, because of the meaning, because it represented something to them and because it was original (in fact more than half of the respondents accepted Who did an internet search of the name to make sure that something negative was not coming out).

Another reason to choose the name was that it did not sound very extravagant and would combine with the surname, that is, the traditional prevailed in 2016.

Parents who drew inspiration from names Famous personalities leaned on names inspired by film and the arts.

The winner in 2016

Want to guess what was the most popular girl name in 2016?

We give you some clues: it is the name of a popular Disney character who overnight becomes a princess; Is the name of a beautiful Colombian actress who has great success in the United States and throughout Latin America, is the name of the daughter of the singer Alejandra Guzman, is the name of a Spanish princess ... and is also the most popular name among The BabyCenter moms in the last 10 years!

Did you guess? It's Sofia!

The 10 favorite names stayed the same in 2015 and 2016, but changed positions. For example Lucia dropped from place 3 to 6; Camila is about to leave the top ten as she moved from place 8 to place 10. On the other hand, Valentina, Martina, Valeria and Emma rose a position.

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Out of the 10 most used, we find some names that rose a lot in popularity compared to 2015, such as: Lola who climbed 34 positions, Carla (31 positions), Julia (24 positions) and Aitana Positions).

And if what you want for your little girl is a name that is not heard everywhere, then you will like the ones that have fallen in popularity: Ariana (down 39 positions), Salomé (24 positions), Rafaela (22 positions) and Francesca (down 17 positions).

Some names that entered the top 100 in 2016 are traditional, old and classy like: Maria Victoria, Candela, Carlota and Trinidad. The policy also made its appearance in the baby names of 2016. Ivanna, as the first wife of President-elect Trump appears among the 50 favorites, while Michelle (as Michelle Obama) appears in number 109 And Chelsea, as Hillary's daughter and Bill Clinton, is on the list even if out of the 100 most popular. The pretty names of President Obama's daughters, Malia and Sasha, do not appear on the top 100 list, so if you want to use them, you can consider them as original names.

The names inspired by nature also wore in 2016, for example: Alba, Delfina, Luna, Jasmine, and Aurora are among the 100 most popular.

By the way, according to the BabyCenter survey, when choosing a girl's name the future parents leaned for a name that had these qualities: intelligence, femininity and beauty, in that order.

Here are some of the examples you will find:

  • Begoña : name of girl of Spanish origin. Its meaning is the name of a flower brought to Europe by the botanist Begón. His number for personality in numerology is 8.
  • Fiorela : name of girl of Italian origin. It comes from the Italian "fiore" which means flower. Her number for personality in numerology is 6.
  • Irasema : name of girl of Tupi origin. It means "out of honey". Her number for personality in numerology is 3.
  • Penelope : name of girl of Spanish origin. From the Greek penis, "thread" and lopia, "swelling", alluding to the fabric that wove the mythological character by day and nighttime yarn. Its number for the personality in numerology is the 7.
  • Tabita ​​b>: name of girl of Hebrew origin. It means "fragile as a gazelle." Your number for personality in numerology is 8.
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We have compiled the list based on the names of babies born between January and October 2016 who entered our user page of 22 Spanish-speaking countries as well as Hispanics from the United States.

Revised March 2017


  • Spanish-speaking user names from 22 countries entered BabyCenter in Spanish From January to October 2016
  • Survey of more than 5,000 people who accessed the BabyCenter en Espanol website between September and October 2016 and did the survey without registering.
  • BabyCenter Community in Spanish. 2016.

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