Published: Thu, February 09, 2017
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Hack your education: February 2015

Hack your education: February 2015

The use of the computer today has put aside handwriting but there are always situations in which you need to take notes or write something at that time contemplate with horror the ugly of your letter.

Now the repetition of the flat in school was very tedious, but the speed of dictation damaged the process of improving it, but it got worse.
Now there are some very simple steps of how to improve your calligraphy, of course this I invite you To that before closing this post you write something like "this day I will achieve my objectives" I think that if you can improve what you see in the paper we will tell you as: 1. Lesson 1, The Oval

Well, to begin with, I must give you infinite thanks to that little half-lying wheel that is called an oval. It is the soul of manual writing.

I must clarify that the font I am going to explain is sometimes known as SCRIPT . As my purpose is to help improve the letter my first tip is: Learn to write the oval. Yes, that's that simple. If you can write a simple oval in a sheet of lines and you gave the first step. Sounds simple does not it? But when you have to write a whole row of equal ovals, that is, all of the same size, with the same inclination, etc. It looks like it's starting to get complicated, but it's not that hard if you put it out.

A simple oval slightly tilted to the right, started up, down the left, up the right and ending where it started It will give you the key to understanding the rest. So:

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And then, another, and another, and another, until you have a leaf full of ovals.

I show you some of these basic strokes that must be practiced to be able to build simple and elegant letters. In the end, whoever wants, can do all the plans that want; (I used to do them on the pillow by listening to music).

2. Lesson 2, Lowercase

Using the simple strokes explained above, building lowercase letters will not be difficult. Here I show you a complete alphabet. The one I use.

There may be differences with the traditional but the important thing is that we should apply them in our writing, however crude it may be. The important thing is to have patience, a little practice and love for what we do.

3. Lesson 3, Capital Letters

Like lowercase letters, capital letters are built Based on certain strokes that we put together to obtain the desired letter. Not only does the oval intervene, but also what we call rosettes.

Capital letters have the advantage of being the most ornamental, so you can decorate them to make them more colorful. The examples I illustrate can serve as a basis for improvements and go from the simple to the exotic.

Like this: