Published: Sat, February 18, 2017
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Jacky Bracamontes explains how she cares for her second pregnancy in the new issue of People en Español

Jacky Bracamontes explains how she cares for her second pregnancy in the new issue of People en Español

Mexican driver Jacqueline Bracamontes opens the doors of her home to People en Español magazine for an exclusive photo shoot and interview with her husband Martín Fuentes > During his interview, Bracamontes talks about the tragic loss of his son Martincito at birth due to respiratory problems, And of his new illusion: a second pregnancy.

"Now that you are more aware, I will tell you. I put [in the journal] a photo of the ultrasound of the two [of his brother and her], "Bracamontes explains how he plans to tell his daughter, Jackita, who came to the world with his twin brother Martincito. P>

"It is simply [to] explain what happened. How he came to accompany her, to take care of her and had to go.

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PHOTO: Jacqueline Bracamontes checks how much her daughter looks like her father

During the interview, the artist remembers that painful day: I asked and asked [what was going on]. The first thing I said to Jackita when I kissed him [was:] 'Let's pray your little brother is well.'

"Martín [said:] 'You were bleeding everywhere, we did not want to tell you anything, that you were going to get sick'," recalls Bracamontes. "I did not know how to get ahead, obviously [it was] from the hand of Martin, God and from the hand of the baby that said to us, 'Here I am, I need your love.'"

Reveals his new yearning. "We were very surprised", confesses Bracamontes of his second pregnancy. "We are very excited that this baby comes healthy," says the actress, who is doing everything possible to make the baby form and arrive in perfect condition.

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