Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
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LETRA: TAKA TAKA - LA Materialist, N-Fasis * LYRICS

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Lyrics Of The Song TAKA TAKA - LA Materialist, N-Fasis

Mami Take care that on the street the dogs are rabid
and that you You look appetizing
with you toy try not to be morbid
but I'm desperate and what I want

Olle now que piedra .
Open, Chica Da Silva the Comendador arrived


The dembow rejects it until the uncontrollable pulls out
let's do the mete and pull out
I already have the stake ready

And if I need to power
I'm going to smoke my spinach
pa debarata the skinny girl
we dance this Taka Taka
and I'm going to do it, You have to give her the girl
and if you want to go out with her
she has to have the bale, that's right!

Daddy, look what I have pa'ti

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Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka
Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka

Your mario He does not want to go with you anymore because you Na'ma wants to live
on the street to rape
you can operate your face
and make you forty lipo
and you will not even like this goddess < / P>

Buy yourself a new head
pa'ver if you make a cute chorus
na'ma your dad and your mama
they think you're pretty ere
You think that with your flow < Br> of cabaret and house of appointment
you are going to frontiar with me manita?

Where I arrive I open my way
I where you come nobody cares for you and your mario falls in love with me
and I always reject it
the one who sees this biscocho
for once wants a piece
if I put myself back and I move it alpaso

Suffering arriva and enjoying down < / P>

Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka, Taka taka >

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