Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
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Why PESO Marketing is Your Best Strategy in 2016 | LinkedIn

Why PESO Marketing is Your Best Strategy in 2016 | LinkedIn

In a recent twist to the online (digital) landscape many agencies and businesses who are in the know effectively using the PESO marketing model. It is a proven strategy for a company or brand to properly present itself to the world.

Leaders who have adapted this strategy have been successful in dominating industries, getting traffic and increasing traffic and revenues.

It is very important to realize that if you are a C-level exec, a marketer or a small business owner, successful content marketing starts by understanding who you are talking to (avatar), what is of value to them (proposition) , And where they look for this information (search). Once you have that, every piece of content needs a purpose and every type of media needs to be used, creating a full circle of strategically driven, interesting and tailored communications. What is the PESO Model for marketing, anyway?

What is the PESO Model for marketing, anyway? The PESO model is a marketing strategy that implements the integration of P aid, E arned, S hared, and O >

A breakdown of the PESO Marketing Model pros and cons:

Strong> The PESO Model is an all inclusive strategy that all businesses must successfully use to compete and dominate in an ever changing modern digital and media landscape to be relevant, build brand credibility and trust online, be engaging, and survive as a company or brand

The PESO model

What the PESO model offers is a framework of media opportunities and strategies for you to shape your marketing and branding efforts. Different components of PESO are likely to be more effective for different parts of the consumer or buyers' journey and decision making process.

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1. A company produces a well-researched and well-written white paper that will be of interest to potential prospects. The paper is published along with a blog post on their website = owned media 2. The link to the blog is then shared across the company's social media channels. It is picked up by others who like, comment and re-share it = shared media
3. An industry journalist sees the online activity and decides to do an article on the topic, citing your company and the white paper = earned media
4. To make sure it is seen by exactly the right people and the specific, demographic target, the company also runs sponsored social media ads that take people through to the blog. This guarantee every avenue has been used to its full advantage = paid media
While this is a very simplified example, it shows the part that each chain in the PESO model plays.

EARNED - What others say about you, independently of you newspapers magazines radio, TV.

SHARED - Others Repeating and mentioning you social media forums wikis

OWNED - OWNED Your own voice, the content you produce website, blog, digital assets (downloads).

For your own situation, look at All four elements of WEIGHT and think where they fit within your sales process and how you can best use them. The lines between the four areas will be closely interlinked and in some places be downright blurry, but that integration is important too. They should not be looked at in separate entities. The secret is to see the big picture and then break it down, with PR, marketing and sales teams sitting round the table together to form a plan and put a strategy in place.

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Louis F. Vargas is a Certified Management & amp; Marketing Consultant, # 1 Amazon bestselling author of Authority Marketing , and partner at Brand TM | Strategic Edge Profits, an award-winning Inc.500 company.

They employ the PESO for clients ranging from funded start-ups to established SMB's to Fortune 500's. Results vary but we've gotten 35.9% (low) to 1.895% (high) ROI.

Contact information: | Http: //www.StrategicEdgeProfits | 1-888-682-6609.

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