Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
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13 entertaining games you can do at home for kids to play in the playground | Upsocl

13 entertaining games you can do at home for kids to play in the playground | Upsocl

It's time to take advantage of the good weather and let go of the telephone or television, games on the playground were always the most fun and for many reasons: Take in air, make more physical movement, connect with nature and are more likely to be happier.

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Here I compiled the best 13 games That I could think: the truth is that I only had to remember. My best memories are playing on the patio with my sisters and my mom. Healthy and healthy fun. These ideas are easy to make and with very few materials , for example you will need for some painting, a ladder or a chalk. I hope they serve you!

1. Game to throw

You just need glasses and a base, which can be made of cardboard or cork. You can paste them or affirm with a nail, and for the sachets you can use any type of genre and fill it with rice or earth.

2. A sambori with chalk

This game exists in all countries and under different names, but that does not make it very fun. All you need is chalk to make the numbers, that's easy.

3. Memory game

For this game you only need some paper or cardboard: you must color all the same colored paper (as it appears in the photograph), and then you have to paint What you want but in pairs. Thus children can learn to keep more things in their memory while having fun.

4. Giant Data ​​strong>

Too much fun for all ages! You only need a large container, you must fill it with water and place whatever you want inside. I hope you leave it at least 3 or 4 hours for the water to cool and remain as ice.

6. To jump with pool games!

Do you know the typical sponge pool rings? Well, they're amazing to make kids use them out of the water. You can make obstacles with them and they will surely make the most of the day.

7. A day of bowling

Very easy to do and it is quite competitive, with any type of bottles, you must fill them with water. I hope you put them on some wooden surface to make it easier to slide the ball.

8. Hula hoop and ladder to move

The hula hoop not only serves to move your hips and burn calories, it also serves as a set of obstacles, just like the ladder. Children love to be outdoors, and these two objects can be used as amusements.

9. To improve the aim by throwing hoops!

This is also a form of entertainment, if you have a base that is made of wood or cardboard, you are almost ready. The rods you can buy them or use any type of object that is long. The rings can be made with paper mache (you moisten a little newspaper, you draw the water and you add glue, you wait for it to dry and ready)

10. Plastic or blanket to throw

If you want to make a competition more entertaining than a simple game, do this: take a blanket or a large plastic and cut holes in it as it appears in the photograph. If you put some pencils on a pencil, children will surely be watching for a long time.

11. Let's see who can stand the longest!

If you have many stones at home, you can paint them with crosses and circles while in a wood you make the divisions with a pencil. In Chile we say "play cat", and it may not look like much fun but I have many memories of spending hours with my friends at school playing.

13. Hitting water balloons

Maybe for this last game you're going to have to invest some money to buy the balloons, but you can really hit them with anything and they do not need to be baseball bats. / P>

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