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Drinking - meaning of drinking dictionary

Drinking - meaning of drinking dictionary

The gachí has ​​allowed me to sweeten the jieles that he gave me to drink; But he told me one thing that I could not understand, in spite of how much I chanelo.

Carrying lips shake; The Pope interrupts the prayer, confuses himself, falls into adoration, wants to leave himself to better listen and drink the divine word; And the Crucified - pointing with a cloudy glance towards the ocean of creatures that roar down there, emaciated, transient, groaning, painful, abused, offended, in abandonment - says the Pope, in a voice that echoes urbi et orbi: - For them .

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And when our two friends had already ended the two treacherous ones, with more than one gratuity to be added by the waiter, Paco let out a sigh and He exclaimed with a melancholy expression: "That is why I do not like to drink, Mr. Cristobal; Because the wine to me becomes sadness and daggers that they hit me.

I do not have to tell you, Crito replied, but the man who must give you to drink the poison does not stop telling me what it takes To warn you to speak as little as possible, because he pretends that talking too much warms the body, and that nothing as contrary as this to the effects of the poison, and that when there has been much talk, it is necessary to double and even to triple the dose. / P>

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There was only one voice; It was decided that there would be no excesses and that what one could understand would be drunk.

This time he found a small bottle ("which was certainly not here before", said Alicia) , And around the neck of the bottle was a paper tag with the word "BEBEME" beautifully printed in large characters. It is all very well to say "DRINK", but little Alice was very prudent and would not drink aqtrello by the good.

Socrates sat down, and when he and the other guests finished dinner, the libations were made and sang a hymn in honor of the god and after all other ordinary religious ceremonies, there was talk of drinking.

And that masked man was me, for I recognized my gesture in the hand that lifted the cowl and, with his mouth open, he uttered a great cry, for there was nothing under the mask of silver cloth, nothing under the oval of the hood, only The hollow of cloth rounded on the void: I was dead and I- "" And you've drunk ether again, "de Jacquels's voice growled in my ear." I never brought you from the tavern White of wine, but that little of the offering he had put in his armpit so compassionate that it tured him all week, and to conceal his great pettiness said to me: "Look, young man, the priests must be very temperate in their eating And drink, and therefore I do not let go like others. "But the lacerate falsely lied, because in c Ofradías and mortuorios that we pray, to other people's cost ate like wolf and drank more than a salutator.

I must confess that I still feel the effects of yesterday's binge and that I need to breathe a little, as I think the Must happen to most of you, because you were our own yesterday. So let us be careful to drink moderately.

"How do you please me when you are in such a good mood!" Said Eryximacos, son of Acumenos. But there is still a caveat: Is Agathon in the mood to drink?

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