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Hunting Report, Beach growing Psilocybe @ Mex - Wild Mushrooming: Field and Forest - Mycotopia

Hunting Report, Beach growing Psilocybe @ Mex - Wild Mushrooming: Field and Forest - Mycotopia



Once upon a time in Guerrero, Mex. Some friends came to my house and invited me to camp on a semi virgin beach 2 hours from here. And I remember what I said: P "men, we can go like 4 or 5 beach camping spots, why this one so Far: eusa_snoo? "

They told me two worlds: Magic mushrooms. And we left the city: rasta :.
The road trip was very nice. We have a temp of 32 ° C in the car, the usual here on summertime at sunlight. Its beggining august and the rains are very strong, including the occasional level 3 hurricane. But today it's very hot.

Then we arrived at the place, we had to pay 10 pesos (~ $ 1usd on that time) each person for crosing the 'lagoon' A boat A very nice view.

Beautiful place indeed.
Its the end of a river, that forms a small lake, lagoon as we call it here.

So my friend tells me : Look we can talk to a local and ask him to take us in boat, its on the other side of the lagoon, and he will help us looking if we tip him, almost every place on the beach knows where, thats what i did Last time, or we can cross swiming its just 200m or so and little current. I've been walking around in the beach, we had our sub camera to report, A plastic hermetic bags, and our sandals cuz he said there are a lot of spines on the ground were we going.


that sr was just reading a book. It was 30 ° C at the sun light.

We came to the end of the sand walking space and got into the water. The current was stronger than we thought, we had some trouble but we made it. We were 3 but one of us did regret when I fell the current, wasnt me: P.

And we got there:)

First thing we found was this horses. Their corral is the water.

One of the things I noticed is that it felt much fresher in general on that place than on the beach, it assumes that we were now surrounded by vegetation, and it was Raining the day before.

We started walking and appreciating the beautiful landscape. We were still able to hear the sound of the waves on the beach.

My frined and I was talking about his tips for looking, where to look etc ... We did 5 minutes or so meditation asking the spirits of the beach To allow us to find them in the form of the mushroom.

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Well, suddenly we got to lands that my friend did not know from his last hunting with a local, At least. I told him that maybe it was better to get back unsuccessful and maybe look at a local to guide us. I have agreed and we start way back.

And then at the midle of the way back to the swim part, one spine hurts me on my feet. It was 7cm long and very sharp, did it across my sandal.
I made the joke that the spirits gave me a spine and a lot of pain at walking instead of mushies. We laugh.

He said: "This is so weird, look at Este". It was a "little bird" as they call it arround here. Im not so sure about the species but i think its not cube.

Then my friend told me that we were leaving the place with the bags full, we already had the first one, the most difficult one. We started searching again in the surroundings, just to find more and more beauties.

And we did. I have seen that day for the first time the psilocybe cubensis.

They call this ones "collapses", i think is a cubensis species. They look more like cubies when they get biger. This is growing on a Manure we found down the tree u can see on the little bird pic, the one in the middle.

And some more on the surroundings. Locals call the last ones landslips, and this ones are called "San Isidro."
I believe they call it collapse when the cap is closed and they keep small, same mushie IMO. From a manure behind that tree. Lots of micelia manures out here.

There were LOTS of them.
Then we found some cows wandering arround, and it made sense. We found arround his favorite tree for pooing, imagine that show! Sorry for not having pics
we said thankyou every time we picked one. I do not know how many times it was.

Thank you cows, they became sacred to me. They just do their thing at the right place with the right conditions.

I told U they were lots! Psilocybe cubensis,: heartbeat. Some of that caps are 8-10cm diameter.

We took our way with our friends, on the swiming part the current was on our side and made it very easy to the other side. We wait for the Full Moon to take it, Moon-Set on that month and on december only. But thats a story for another post.

I did not try to pick spores on 2 urine sample glasses, one San Isidro and One Pajarito, just got contams, we are waiting to go and now I'm going to get some serius spores printing and cloning attempts.
I love to share with anyone who would like to see this growing in front of him, just patience my friends.

Thankyou if u did read. Please excuse my bad english i hope i can get better as i post here too.

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