Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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Teaching Faculty - Maud Morgan Arts

Teaching Faculty - Maud Morgan Arts

Anne Lilly

Kinetic sculptor Anne Lilly uses carefully engineered motion to shift and manipulate our perception of time and space. Her highly ordered and precisely constructed interactive sculptures move in strikingly organic, fluid and mesmeric ways. Lilly's sculptures elicit new connections between the physical space outside ourselves and our own private, psychological domain. Usually fabricated in machined stainless steel, they require touch to initiate movement: contrasting clinical qualities against the sensuous response of each piece.

Lilly was nominated for the 2010 James and Audrey Foster Prize of Boston's ICA. She has created public artworks for the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA, the City of Boston's ParkArts program, and the Fort Point Public Arts Series. Her work was included in the 2007 DeCordova Annual Exhibition, in Lincoln, MA, has been collected by the DeCordova Musuem, and the Middlebury College Museum of Art, and corporate and private collections internationally.

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Lilly holds a B .Arch degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Virginia Tech, has taught at Massachusetts College of Art, and collaborated with the DeCordova Museum's on an annual institute for teachers, using kinetic sculpture to link the instruction of art and science in middle and high schools. Ms. Lilly is represented by the Rice / Polak Gallery in Provincetown, MA, and the Simon Gallery in Morristown, NJ.

"Anne Lilly's captivating stainless steel sculptures are so intricately engineered they appear to do magic. Tall rods rising from cylinders planted on gears rush toward each other, bowing, then falling away in a fluid motion. Rotating grills look like they'll collide, then they miraculously pass. The movement of each sparely designed piece is full of grace and surprise. "- Cate McQuaid, the Boston Globe

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