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What's the ideal Unique weapon for an Act 2 merc? - Printable Version

What's the ideal Unique weapon for an Act 2 merc? - Printable Version

DeeBye - 09-04-2005 05:51 AM

What is the ideal Unique weapon for an Act 2 merc? I am running around in the current ladder with a summoning Necro, accompanied by an Act 2 Might merc. I've had some really good luck finding the Unique Elite Polearms / Spears doing just Hell Baal crawls, so now I'm wondering which one is best.

I know that the uber runewords kick the arses of any of The Uniques, but the highest rune I've found so far is a lowly Io. I'm going to be sticking to Uniques until I get a few more lucky rune drops.

So far I have found Bonehew, Reaper's Toll, Arioc's Needle, and Steel Pillar. My Merc was using Reaper's Toll until I found the Steel Pillar, but the Crushing Blow was just too much to pass up. It cut my Hell Baal killing time by 2 / 3rds. My merc is presently equipped with the Steel Pillar.

Well, I found a Hone Sundan and upgraded it to Ghost Spear. It has a dex req of 163 and my lvl 86 merc only had 151, so I had to use a -15% req jewel to be able to equip it. I used Amns in the last two slots.

Here's a screenshot.

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The damage is kinda low, but the Crushing Blow more than makes up for it. I still wish it was ethereal though. My merc does 668-2895 damage using it (with might aura activated).

His other equipment is a non-eth Duriel's Shell and a non-eth Guillaume's Face. Resists are 70/75/70/70.

He fares okay in Hell / ActV. 14% life leech keeps him alive nicely. I have outright SHINES versus Hell Baal though. With a Clay Golem and a dose of Decrepify to keep Baal moving slowly, my merc can stand toe to him indefinitely. 45% + 35% Crushing Blow takes huge chunks off his life in short order. The fight is over in less than 30 seconds, with my lowly skeletons pitching in.

I can definitely see a lot of room for improvement, but I am convinced that this is the way to go with Summoning Necro's Mercenary.

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