Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Blatantly Obvious TV Recasts - Mandatory

Blatantly Obvious TV Recasts - Mandatory

Films have surely had some of their biggest original characters recast, but the same goes for TV, just some of these blatantly obvious TV recasts they thought could actually get by us. Well, we noticed, and now we're calling them out on their obscene behavior. How stupid do they think the American people are? Well, Trump is a trending topic, so maybe we need to show you these TV recasts for you to actually get them. Let us know if you caught all of these.

Frank Costanza, "Seinfeld" - Recast John Randolph for Jerry Stiller

A few of the "Seinfeld" parents are among the obviously recast TV characters, including John Randolph, The original Frank Costanza, who was replaced by the great Jerry Stiller.

Laurie Forman, "That '70s Show" - Recast Lisa Robin Kelly for Christina Moore

Eric Forman, played by Topher Grace, always had a hot, older sister, but she was not always around. Lisa Robin Kelly's role on "That '70s Show" stopped around the third season when she completely disappeared after returning again to couple seasons later. The following sixth season, she was recast by Christina Moore. Jenna DeCarlo, "30 Rock" - Recast Rachel Dratch for Jane Krakowski

Marta Estrella, "Arrested Development" - Recast Leonor Varela for Patricia Velasquez

Aunt Vivian, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" - Janet Hubert-Whitten for Daphne Reid

It seems incredibly racist to find a skinned black lighter woman Replace another black woman, but this is show business, people! After having one aunt, Will Smith was surprisingly granted a very different aunt halfway through the series of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Maybe they did not think we'd notice. We noticed.

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Harriet Winslow, "Family Matters" - Recast Jo Marie Payton-Noble for Judy Ann Elder

Urkel and the rest of "Family Matters "She tried to pull on a quick one on us with the old late-in-the-switcheroo game of Mrs. Harriet Wilson. Played originally by Jo Marie Payton-Noble for the entirety of the series up until 1997, she left as Judy Ann Elder entered before the show quit in '98. Must've been tough that she could not go one more year. Maybe those "Key & amp; Peele "sketches are true.

Daario Naharis," Game of Thrones "- Recast Ed Skrein for Michael Huisman

Fans might have been thrown when Ed Skrein was replaced by a darker, handsomer Michael Huisman, but then again that show has so many characters it seems to be hard to keep track.
The HBO fantasy series recast the role for season four, going from the long-haired look to The chiseled, bearded type. At least they got the skin tone right.

Becky, "Roseanne" - Recast Lecy Goranson for Sarah Chalke

Kaitlin Cooper, "The OC" - Recast Shailene Woodley for Willa Holland

Without a time jump in the series, "The OC" creator, Josh Schwartz, decided To make small-time side character, Kaitlin Cooper, into the show's new thing towards the finale to save the show after the departure of Mischa Barton. Come on. No girl grows up that quickly. It worked though, kind of.

Mandy Milkovich, "Shameless" - Recta Jane Levy for Emma Greenwell

Jane Levy was the hardcore chick in season one Of "Shameless," Ian and Lip's little groupie, but she was then moved to "Suburgatory," which allowed Showtime to recast the role of Mandy with Emma Greenwell. This worked out for us, as we have enjoyed four years of Mandy's topless moments. The joke's on Levy, the "Suburgatory" only went for three years, but "Shameless" is still rolling.

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