Published: Mon, April 24, 2017
Entertainment | By Johnnie Parsons

France's far-right reaches across spectrum as runoff looms

France's far-right reaches across spectrum as runoff looms

In her acceptance speech, Le Pen spoke of an end to globalism - effectively a France First vision of her nation that should send shudders of fear through much of Europe but thrills of pleasure through President Trump and his entourage. Riot police surrounded the area.

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman hailed Macron's success, tweeting: "Good that @EmmanuelMacron succeeded with his policy for a strong European Union and social market economy".

In a first, the two major parties of the country, The Republicans and the Socialist Party, crashed out in the first round.

Macron, 39, a former banker, has never held elected office, though he served as economy minister under Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

"Moreover, polls have repeatedly suggested that Macron is likely to comfortably beat Le Pen in the second round".

Elsewhere in Europe, liberal globalists cheered Macron's strong showing. Macron is the overwhelming favourite to win the runoff, and the Presidency.

At a gathering after the vote, Le Pen hailed the results as "historic", and expressed "profound gratitude" to her supporters. "You will get a France that protects the people, we will not have the free circulation of terrorists". "She inherited her father's party and we will undoubtedly have Le Pens running for the next 20 years, because after we had the father, we have the daughter and we will doubtless have the niece", he said.

The BBC said France was "entering unchartered political water" and noted that, whoever came out tops in the next round, the country was "deeply divided".

Le Pen, 48, wants France to quit the eurozone, restore border controls and stage a referendum on leaving the EU.

"Markets will be reassured that the dreaded Le Pen versus Melenchon run-off has been avoided", Diego Iscaro at research house IHS Markit Economics said in a commentary.

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But Le Pen supporters were equally enthusiastic.

Police fired tear gas to disperse an increasingly rowdy crowd.

People burn litter as they protest in Paris, Sunday, April 23, 2017.

Praises and accolades are pouring in from all over the European Union to the French centrist independent candidate Emmanuel Macron as he came first in Sunday's Presidential election round one according to projections.

"The political system in France is paralyzed and polarized between (mainstream) left and (mainstream) right", he said.

If France doesn't engage in real reform of its economy and improve its assimilation policies for immigrants, populists of both the Left and the Right will continue to gain strength.

THE QUOTE: "It seems like a "relief rebound" following the result of the French election just a few hours ago, which shows that Macron and Le Pen will go head-to-head in the final round".

For some of his supporters, it's about generational change and a departure from the two-party turnaround that has dominated French politics for decades.

The election was being held under state of emergency laws, which were introduced after 130 people died in the terror attacks on restaurants and the Bataclan theatre in November 2015. On Thursday, a gunman killed a police officer and wounded two others on Paris' iconic Champs-Elysees boulevard before he was fatally shot.

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