Published: Wed, April 26, 2017
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My Days - Period & Ovulation for Android - Download

My Days - Period & Ovulation for Android - Download

My Days - Period & amp; Ovulation is a complete period and ovulation tracking app that helps predict your fertile times and period of the month.

Track everything you need to know

My Days - Period & Ovulation allows you to track everything related to your reproductive health, from predicting your period to timing (or avoiding!) Your fertile times and ovulation.

The app is basically a calendar. Once you set some basic parameters, you enter the 1st day of your last period, and the app color-codes the rest of the month, warning you when you're likely to be fertile, and showing you when your next period Is due.

You can also add extra information to the app, which is useful for family planning or just keeping tabs on your wellbeing, Press a day to add Information about your basal temperature , whether or not you took the pill or had sex, or even with additional information.

A very simple concept

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As My Days - Period & Ovulation is just a calendar, it's very easy to use . Press a day to add more information, and the app will figure out the predicting and planning itself.

You can toggle settings under the preferences menu, and it's here that you'll be able to change your cycle length (if necessary), try the Pro version, set the password, change the theme and make other Adjustments.

The app lets you set a variety of alarms too, warning you when your period or ovulation is due , or reminding you to take your daily pill . It goes without saying that you can backup your information to the SD card and then save it somewhere else.

My Days - Period & amp; Ovulation also has two widgets available, a small one and a large one.

A solid, well-planned app

We try not to be judgmental on looks - especially if the software does a good job - but My Days - Period & Ovulation really takes the biscuit. It looks like some 80s software parody! We tried out some of the color schemes, but they only made things worse! The widgets, unfortunately, are just as rough-looking.

Works great, looks terrible

My Days - Period & Ovulation is a solid, efficient fertility and ovulation app , and we can not do anything else than score it highly. Just be warned that it looks really, really dated, and that changing the color schemes or even paying for the app will not do anything to help. My Days - Period & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; Ovulation.

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