Published: Sat, April 29, 2017
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My Bravenet package expires at the end of this month. It will cost me several hundred Dollars to keep it going and I can not decide if I should renew it or let end. Please, let me know what you think I should do ... email:

History of Jetzi

My website is about Michael, not about me so many people know anything about me. Most presume I'm male and American. I am female and English, living in England.

I first discovered Michael in 1988 during BAD. I started collecting everything, and I mean "everything" connected to Michael. As my collection grew I wanted to share it and I made videos to sell and swap. I now have over 2000 hours of Michael on video, much of it original recordings so the quality is very good. Jetting was born in January 1997. When I learned how to get videos into my computer playing with screen captures of Michael, I just started a hobby for me. Michael was a great subject to play with and I wanted to share my videos with other fans only when I discovered the original insidetheweb King of Pop messageboard I posted captures and animations I had made there. There were only KOP back then, others followed. The Internet was in its infancy and I enjoyed the comments I got from fans who saw what I had posted on KOP so I created "Jetzi's Video Frames", naming it after Jetzi. It consisted of hundreds and hundreds of screen captures taken from my extensive video collection. Initially, I used Geocities which was free to begin with.

I then started uploading books and magazines I have in my collection to share with fans as many of these publications were not available world wide. The Jetzi became more and more known and popular it attracted the attention of book publishers and authors, some of whom threatened to sue me if I did not remove their publication. This I did, and still do, immediately. This is the reason why publications suddenly disappear from my site.

Garfield's Nine Lives & laquo; The Hooded Utilitarian
For instance, that creepy, atavistic cat above is not drawn by Davis, but by Jim Clements, Gary Barker, and Larry Fentz. And then you find something like this, or Davis's appreciation of Garfield Minus Garfield and you start to wonder ...

Health Library | Health and Wellness | Wellmont Health System
Acanthosis nigricans in obese patients: presentations and implications for prevention of atherosclerotis vascular disease. Available at:

Jay Ajayi Makes History; Joins Campbell, Williams and Simpson in Record Books
Think about what it means for Jay to join the likes of Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell in such a highly esteemed group. Their 1-4 record was rather pathetic before Jay came onboard and helped them overcome the Bills and the Steelers.

I posted on numerous newly created Michael related messages to promote new items. I uploaded news reports and documentaries within hours of them being broadcast. Unfortunately, there was one messageboard who constantly removed my posts to obscure forums or deleted them altogether depriving fans of knowing what they were missing. They allowed posts by a member who was connected to the administrators of the messageboard, and promoted her website which charged fans to watch videos on her website ... this blatant favor often made me wonder if they really had Michael's fan community as a priority?!?

Then Michael died and interest in him soared so I was busy again but not enjoying it. I made the effort but my heart was not in it. Last year, shortly before her 16th birthday, Jetzi died and I completely lost interest in the website and uploaded almost nothing.

I still have numerous books and magazines, many from way back so are probably quite rare. I still have videos of Michael that I have uploaded yet and have not seen anywhere else so I presume they are rare too. Michael is gone, Jetzi is gone. Most Michael related websites have gone. Do I carry on or is it time to close

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