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Vibrio vulnificus is a species of gram-negative bacteria that lives in marine environments. It is related to Vibrio cholerae (cholera) and its infection causes cellulitis and septicemia., V. vulnificus, was first reported in 1976 as a lactose-positive bundle. Vulnificus means wounds, which reflects the microorganism's ability to invade and destroy tissues. The microorganism is therefore associated with infections that cause fatal wounds and septicemia. The typical symptoms of foodborne disease caused by

V. Vulnificus are fever, tremors, nausea and skin lesions. The onset of symptoms occurs about 24 hours (from 12 hours to several days) after ingestion of contaminated raw seafood (especially oysters) by vulnerable people. Individuals most susceptible to infections include the elderly, immunocompromised persons and those suffering from chronic liver disorders and chronic alcoholism. The microorganism differs from other pathogenic vias as it invades and multiplies in the bloodstream. Mortality occurs in 40% to 60% of cases.

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The V. vulnificus microorganism is highly invasive and produces several factors that protect it from the host's immune system, including a seroresistance factor, a capsular polysaccharide, and Ability to acquire iron through ferrosaturated transferrin. It produces various exoenzymes, including thermosetting hemolysin or cytolysin and elastolytic protease, which probably causes cellular damage.

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