Published: Sun, May 28, 2017
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15 different uses for cardboard rolls & bull; My Sweet Things

If there is something that will never be missing in a house are toilet paper rolls, and depending on the number of people living in a house that amount can be quite high. So what can we do with them instead of throwing them?

Here you can find some ideas.

1. Organize your cables

Via Our Thrifty Ideas

Via The Crafty Crow

3. Handmade weaving

Via My Material Life

4. Bird Feeder

Via Go Grow Go

5. Family tree

Via No Dime Design

6. Decorative bird houses

Via Kifli És Levendula


Orchids by Antonio
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GC6VPWD Taffonis in the Caves of Navaluenga (Earthcache) in Extremadura, Spain created by iGambusinos
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Graham Coxon - Wikiquote
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Via Creative Crafting a Green World

9. Desktop Organizer

11. Luminaria a topos

Via Just Crafty Enough

Via Burlan & amp; Denim

13. Candle set for Christmas

Via Creative Me Inspired You

14. Wreath with Light

Via Kifli És Levendula

Via A Little Hut

Do not they look great? I hope you get ideas and recycle your rolls of paper into something new and beautiful.

And if you like to give new opportunities to the objects we have at home, here are more ideas of what to do with boxes Wood and drawers.

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