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Hall of Fame | DelValleKidd

Hall of Fame | DelValleKidd

Mick Mars (Motley Crüe)
Ankylosing Spondylitis

Originally from Indiana, self-defined as a tone freak and fanatic of the 1962 Fender Stratocaster, Mick Mars was diagnosed as having ankylosing spondylitis The 17 years. This disease causes a gradual hardening of the joints, limiting their mobility and forced them to undergo surgery to replace their hip in 2004.

Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne / Black Label Society)
Mike McReady (Pearl Jam)

Zakk Wylde in the hospital

> The international soul singer does not suffer from systemic lupus, but the facial scars and bears are related to discoid lupus, the chronic form of the disease that manifests the skin disorders and hair loss. He's brought awareness to the autoimmune disease simply by way of curious fans Googling "how did Seal get those scars?" He's currently working on his ninth studio album.

Jason Becker
Ankylosing spondylitis Zakk Wylde: TVP
King Diamond: AVE
Jeff Hanneman: Necrotizing Fasceitis, insuf hepatica
Dave Mustaine: Neuropraxia
Phil Anselmo: HNP
Alexi Laiho: Gastric infection?
Steven Tyler: Laryngeal nodules
britney spears, etc etc: histrionics
Beethoven: trichinosis
Lemmy K: heart disease
Tom Hamilton: Cancer
Rick Allen:
Rick Renstrom

Rudely Interrupted
Johnny and Edgar Winter: Albinism
Jeff Healey: Blindness
Ian Dury: Polyomelitis
Queen: HIV
Vivian Campbell: Hodgkin's Lymphoma
James Dio: Gastric cancer
Chuck Schuldiner: glioma, problem of funds of Jimmy Hendrix:
tonny iomi: lymphoma of sabina: ave
max cavalera: paralysis facial of malcolm young: demenia (Alzheimer's?)

6. Jeff Tweedy (chronic migraine disorder)
Tweedy has not let migraines deter Wilco's festival and road schedule. Whether he's in pain or not, expect him to be front and center of his band on a few dozen dates supporting Bob Dylan this summer. A few years ago, Tweedy wrote about being one of 30 million Americans with chronic migraine headaches for a New York Times piece.

FAA recognizes Osval Arioc Sanchez
FAA standards, which are set in consultation with the aviation industry and the public, are among the highest in the world. Pilot certification standards have evolved over time in an attempt to reduce pilot errors that lead to fatal crashes.

This is a scientific endeavor to cultivate the home as the chief and primary business. A lot has changed since 1975 but the vision to cultivate a home is the same paradise.

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior - Wikiquote
Dialogue Wendy Wu : You know what, Yoda? This is getting a little too Star Wars-y for me! Shen : You changed destiny. Wendy Wu : An old Buddist saying? Shen : No, to Shen saying. [Walks up] * Austin: Hey, babe.

"There are a lot of different ways migraines have affected my music, and vice versa: Being a musician has allowed me - to lack of a better phrase - to rise above the pain from time to time, "wrote Tweedy. "I've never missed a show because of the migraine. But I've played some really horrible shows and cut them short because there was very little I could keep going. "

4. Nick Jonas (diabetes)
Jonas was 13 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, about the same time the Jonas Brothers began to boom in the music industry. Siblings Joe and Kevin support different causes in their joint change for the Children Foundation, but Nick focuses on diabetes.

"I've heard stories about kids who were in depression because they got diagnosed they were just so Upset about what was going on, "he's written on the foundation's Web site. "That just touched my heart, and I wanted to be able to do something about it. I hope that I can be that positive light. "

2. Mike McCready (Crohn's disease)
The Pearl Jam guitarist was diagnosed with the inflammatory bowel disease when he was 21, and he said the diagnosis sent him into a depression that almost caused him to quit music.

"It took me six months before I could pick up a guitar again, but I did (thanks to a particularly killer Stevie Ray Vaughn concert)," he wrote for the Huffington Post last year. "Two years later, Pearl Jam was formed and our career took off."

1. Pink (asthma)
Yeah, Pink has asthma, she has since childhood. So what It has not stopped her from selling millions of records, constant touring and trapezing around she wishes she had chosen the circus career instead.

She once told Women's Health magazine she uses a stringent cardio workout to fight Asthmatic tendencies and keep her lungs strong for belting out her ongoing string of hits.

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