Published: Thu, May 11, 2017
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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Research shows that key relationship skills, including being able to communicate assertively, understand other people's perspectives, and form trusting relationships, are linked with depression, anxiety and stress, which suggests that developing these skills can have a positive impact on our mental health. It hurt my family, my friends and me.

"There are practical things that young people can do to help them through the hard times at school, college or university". Sometimes the most refreshing thing in the world to hear is just "I would love to meet you, but I'm just feeling really depressed/anxious/shit".

Women are more likely to suffer from mental health problems than men, according to the Mental Health Foundation's report Surviving or Thriving? However, while the body does the work to heal a bone fracture, for an employee with a mental health issue, getting well involves active participation in the healing process. Socioeconomic, biological and environmental factors all play a role in mental health "An environment that respects and protects basic civil, political, socio-economic and cultural rights is fundamental to mental health promotion". "As a healthcare employer, Sutter Health knows firsthand the hurdles organizations and employees face - from stigma to barriers to service - and we look forward to sharing our ongoing efforts and experiences in creating a healthier workforce".

"Budget cuts concern the Department of Mental Health, which we are not actually a part of", Simmons said. That's the message coming from the Scottish Association for Mental Health as they launch a new campaign which has young people at its heart. Once you have a record of your worries they may not seem so bad, or you can figure out ways to tackle them.

With the amount of time people spend at work, employers are in a unique position to put strategies in place to help employees with mental health issues. When we learn the facts we can help others to dispel false ideas about mental health conditions. My experience of mental illness has been that sometimes everything I see is in lovely technicolour and other times everything is so dark and gloomy that it seems life is being drained out of me. This represents a 15% access rate for the estimated prevalence of 26,724 people who will experience a common mental health problem.

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Isolation when your "one offer" of temporary accommodation is miles away in another borough, where you don't know anyone but you'll still need to get your children back to primary school every day (and you'll receive no financial help for the extra travel costs). "The beach holiday resulted in a social media holiday which was actually much more beneficial to my mental health".

There a Mental Health Festival will feature information stalls from mental health charities and services. There is a lack of funding, a lack of qualified staff and a lack of programs and resources in many communities.

Nearly two-thirds of our waking lives are spent at work and many of us regularly take work home so how we feel about work will have a significant impact on our personal wellbeing.

"Fully embracing the concept of wellness not only improves health in the mind, body and spirit, but also maximizes one's potential to lead a full and productive life", Marshall added.

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