Published: Fri, May 05, 2017
Business | By Cristina Jennings

Party leaders eye local elections ahead of June 8 battle

Voters in England, Wales and Scotland head to polling stations Thursday to elect their local officials.

Labour now only has seven councillors in the county, but councillor Eric Broadbent said he was hoping for a total of 10-15.

"Labour do not support the inheritance tax giveaways announced by the Tories, as according to their own figures only 26,000 fewer estates would have no tax liability in 2020-21 at a cost of nearly £1 billion".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earned a mean score of 5.8, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron 4.4 and Conservative leader Theresa May 3.7. "That clearly isn't Labour any more and it must therefore be the Liberal Democrats".

In Scotland, the Conservatives and Unionists have made gains under the capable leadership of Ruth Davidson.

YouGov asked 2,066 British adults on Tuesday and yesterday how they would vote in a general election if it were held tomorrow. If the Scottish National Party gains - likely at the expense of Labour - it could argue voters want another say.

Prof Travers said it would be bad news for Mr Corbyn's party if they lost majority control of Derbyshire or failed to remain the largest party in the other two counties.

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But he added: "While Labour are very well placed, this won't necessarily translate into winning lots more university constituencies on 8 June". This is what the bookies' are now saying - and if he succeeds it would be a crushing disappointment to Labour and its candidate, Sion Simon.

Labour is expected to take Liverpool, Manchester, Tees Valley and possibly Birmingham.

"In fact I'd be surprised if UKIP manages to field more than about 100 candidates in the general election".

Q: And what about the Liberal Democrats? But they will still offer useful indications, and will be a morale boost - or blow - to party supporters.

But with recent reports showing the party is on track to lose 75 seats across England, the Tories are poised to seize on today's result as proof they are making headway in key battlegrounds.

He added the party, which championed the "Leave" cause during the European Union referendum last June, has and always will lead the national agenda.

"Their continued efforts to peddle the same empty words, shows just how desperate they are to distract from their record of failure and from the fact they have no plan for working people".

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