Published: Wed, May 10, 2017
U.S. | By Rene Hicks

Trump signs $1 trillion spending bill, keeps government open

Trump signs $1 trillion spending bill, keeps government open

The Washington Examiner reports that Senate Republicans will be drawing up their own healthcare bill instead of voting on the American Health Care Act, which was passed by House Republicans last week. If the Senate does pass something, and assuming the House isn't willing to just rubber-stamp that version, then the two chambers would have to hammer things out in a conference committee.

Should the bill attain fruition in the fullness of time, it will eliminate tax penalties for people who go without health insurance.

Turner says senators have a long history of believing their own rhetoric about the Senate being the world's greatest deliberative body and, thus, seeing House legislation only as advice for them to write their own bill from scratch. For example, if someone sees a therapist because they have been raped, the condition that the therapist treats might be considered pre-existing but the rape would not.

Republican Donald Trump vowed to "repeal and replace Obamacare", calling it a "disaster", and was narrowly elected USA president.

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who chairs the Senate health committee, Rob Portman of OH, and Roy Blunt of Missouri, a member of GOP leadership, described the plan even as the House was celebrating passing its repeal after weeks of back-and-forth.

So what changes are small-business owners looking for in a revised federal health-care bill?

Casey says he's calling on Republican leadership in the senate to stop what he calls the process of repeal and dismantling of the current law.

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The Affordable Care Act puts healthy and sick people into the same insurance pool. The Senate approved a spending bill averting a government shutdown that would have been disastrous for the party with a monopoly on power. Susan Collins, R-Maine, why neither she nor any other female senator is included in the Senate's 13-member group working on the Senate's version of the bill. Illustrative of the deep divide over Obamacare in every section of American society, Indian-Americans lawmakers, all Democrats, voted against its repeal, maintaining that the new legislation passed by the House would kick 24 million Americans off healthcare.

The measure would replace Obama's federal subsidies for lower-income insurance buyers with tax credits geared to consumers' ages.

"They have concerns about this bill, so I think it will slow down", Shaheen said. But a softening of the House bill, which could help it get through the Senate, would pose fresh problems.

The House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act Thursday, despite concerns by groups ranging from AARP to the Catholic Health Association of the United States. "There are a lot of traditions in the Senate that people have been loath to change", he said. "Make no mistake about it", Trump boasted in front of House Republicans during their victory ceremony at the White House Rose Garden.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had tweeted Thursday that the bill "should be viewed with caution" because it had not been scored and had only three hours of final debate. She said the House bill was hard to assess overall because it passed without an updated analysis by the Congressional Budget Office on how the measure would affect health care costs and coverage. Such a scenario would force the House and Senate to work together to forge a compromise bill.

During the presidential campaign, Trump promised not to cut Medicaid and other entitlement programs.

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