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Lauren Bacall, 1957

Founded in 1798 by Pierre-Francois Lubin , formerly apprentice in Tombarelli and Fargeon , Lubin is one of the oldest luxury brands that still exist today. It is also one of the few perfumery houses that can legitimately boast of its link with real houses. It is easy to access documentation that proves your pedigree and the mark is frequently mentioned in publications of the 19th century, when it provided several European monarchs. Jorge IV , the czar Alejandro I and the Empress Josefina France and Elisabeth of Austria Strong> are among those who enjoyed their products. In 1844 Felix-Andre Prot , apprentice of Pierre-François Lubin , took control of Lubin . The house was run by the Prot family until the 1970s , when the company was sold and began its decline. About ten years ago Lubin was reborn from the hand of Creative Director Gilles Thevenin , joined by two members of the Prot < In the 20th century , Lubin had an Argentine subsidiary with local production. Founded after the 1st World War and closed in the 1960s, it served as a base for South America (including its workers are mentioned among those who founded the of our country in 1947) .

Elegant, affirmed, somewhat haughty, the current incarnation of Nuit de Longchamp unfolds the beautiful severity of the classic Cyprus. In the middle of a profusion of white flowers , the holy trinity made up of bergamot - patchouli - cistus appears unmistakable. If someone told me that he is a vintage of 1950 in good condition, he would believe it: substance and spirit are not absent and the quality is outstanding. Nuit de Longchamp progresses from a pristine greenery impregnated with nutmeg to velvety pink Strong> and jasmine appear prominent) to a woody and balsamic base. Veiled by the earthy and almost tactile darkness of the oak moss is warm, generous and rich in nuances. It is said that Lauren Bacall was avid user of this fragrance. Although I can not corroborate the veracity of this statement, its presence and refined maturity would find a perfect echo in Nuit de Longchamp .

Sample source: Shows courtesy of Perfumeries Nadia de Longchamp and a bit of history - Long live glamor!

Thanks to that they give me children right and wrong, and there are times I do not know what to do with them, so I keep filling pots and places like today.

However, at present they are still used and in some areas of the country specific designs have been developed. Although wood packaging is used for passion fruit, its rustic walls do not protect the product.

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In the 20th century , Lubin had Argentinian subsidiary with local production. Founded after WWI and closed in the 1960s , it was the basis for all of South America . Perfumer's Guild in our country in 1947 .

Nuit de Longchamp was created in 1934 as a limited edition for a gala dinner at the Parisian racecourse of Longchamp ; The fragrance was launched in a larger scale in 1937 earning worldwide recognition. An Argentinian printed ad dating from the 1950s advertises it as "romance night" and "an evocation of Paris" .

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