Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
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Sedum morganianum or burrito is a succulent plant native to southern Mexico and Honduras. It also receives the names of lamb's tail, donkey's tail. In Argentina it is often called Gypsy Braid or Indian Braid.


It has large stems that reach 30 cm in length and fleshy leaves of blue-greenish color . The flowers, terminals, are pink or red. It has a compact and upright habit that turns into weeping as the stalks lengthen. They reach 30 cm and are composed of plump bluish-green, lanceolate and intertwined leaves.

The species is a popular ornamental plant and is cultivated for its foliage. It is propagated by cut stems. In cultivation it will give clusters of long starry pink-red flowers at the tips of stems in summer. It is perfect for hanging baskets, but should be treated with care because the leaves are easily detached.

Sedum morganianum grows well both outdoors or as an indoor plant, in soil, pots or flowerpots, in A very bright or sunny place but not extreme.

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This important service goes largely unnoticed and uninterrupted during the flowering season. Therefore, they are very beneficial for the urban population.

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A characteristic of its leaves is that they are very hard, As if they were leather, for that reason they are known as coriáceas. In response, the oak produces a tissue that surrounds the egg and Of which the larva is going to feed once it hatch.

The genus Fleischmannia in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay (Eupatorieae, Asteraceae)
An additional distinction of the new species seems to be the shorter corollas and much shorter anther thecae. Many of the other specimens were also given that name.

Requires regular and moderate irrigation all year round, except in winter that almost does not water. Excess water can rot in a short time.

Its flowering period is late spring or early summer.

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