Published: Mon, June 26, 2017
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It is the container that allows to manipulate the Product protecting it from physical, mechanical, microbiological, chemical and bacteriological damages, in addition that allows presenting and displaying the product for sale.

1267 on passion fruit, you have:

· The passion fruit should be packed in rigid packages with a maximum capacity of 10 kg.

· The dimensions of the packages should be 45 cm Length by 25 cm wide and 20 cm high.

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There are also coral Micrurus mipartirus birds stand out because they are in danger of extinction toucan, pava, tinamú. The pigeon (Claravis mondetoura), cotinga and hummingbird (Coeligena prunellei), the latter being endemic to the area.

Priscilla Chan, unveiled the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a long-term effort to eradicate all diseases by the end of this century. We really have to reach the whole world. " The letter is short on specific details and in Facebook plans on these issues.

Cover the outside of the drum with felt, covering about 1.25 cm of felt at the top, thus covering the sharp edge. 5. Put it under the water tap and wet it well, then soapy your hands And start spinning the ball between your hands.


Wood Boxes: Boxes are those boxes or drawers built in wood with joints between the different elements through nails, wires, staples, metal connectors or adhesives. The wooden boxes have good mechanical resistance to tolerate transport, loading and unloading without deterioration or destruction; They tolerate seals, fire marks, paints and others, besides resisting the stowage. Although wood packaging is used for passion fruit, its rustic walls do not protect the product.

On the other hand, they are not recommended because of the ecological impact it causes by destroying native forests for their manufacture. However, at present they are still used and in some areas of the country specific designs have been developed.

Costal: The costal from any point of view should be used as a packaging in passion fruit, since it does not provide any protection to the product facilitating the deterioration of the product, when exposed To all adverse media conditions.

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