Published: Tue, July 18, 2017
World | By Lorena Waters

Cactus Cactus Land

The word mandala means Sacred Circle. Being a circle - the perfect form - it represents the symbol of the cosmos and of eternity.

Our environment, from the universe - the sun, the moon, the planets - to the scheme of our whole nature. All follow a circular line which at the same time represent the infinite cycles of life.

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Gerbera : It belongs to the daisy family and therefore assumes the symbolism associated with the daisy flower. The blue hyacinth represents constancy, purple pain, red or pink play, white beauty and yellow jealousy.

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I still can remember, it was a North Korean color shot called "Flower Girl" The sky was very beautiful and clear, with many stars. Although most scientists have a negative attitude toward UFOs at the moment, there are some who recognize its existence.

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The bird arranges its nest and the spider weaves its canvas.

The planets revolve around the sun and the particles dance around the nucleus of the atom. A remote wisdom seems to have traced every corner of nature from a circular plan. Only some men - also wise - knew that if they created similar forms, the human spirit would be in step with the rhythm of the universe; So were the mandalas, sacred designs inspired by the secrets of Nature. " Our body completes circles and maintains rounded shapes, this reminds us that we are systems within systems, we belong to the Absolute and the Absolute is in us.

Observing or drawing mandalas can help heal psychic and spiritual fragmentation, it also helps us to manifest our creative energy, to reconnect with our Being, and to allow the wisdom of our unconscious to emerge. This is why having the geometric shapes that give us especially the succulents can bring to our inner being.

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