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Diagnostic methods in reptile parasites in the city of Bogota by Heidy Yeye on Prezi

Transcript of diagnostic methods in reptile parasites in the city of Bogota ​​h4>

Heidy Viviana Yepes Diagnostic methods for parasites in amphibians, reptiles and birds of the city Bógota * parasites in reptiles & gt; Snakes and lizards turtles Parasites in amphibians Parasites in birds Diagnostic tests Flotation Sedimentation psr elisa Leaf reading for the diagnosis of hemoparasites Bibliography Introduction Parasites in snakes * Strongyles * Capillaria sp * Pentastomida (Porocephalus crotali) * Cryptosporidium sp * Trichomonadidae. Parasites in lizards * Ascaris oxiuros * (Anoplocephalidae,
* Oochoristica sp.) * Estrongilus sp * Nyctotherus * Balantidium sp * Cryptosporidium sp * Eimeria * Porocephalus crotali * Ascaris oxytoides * Mites of the family Macronyssidae * Ticks (Amblyomma sp. Sp. * Cryptosporidium sp. * Onchocercidae,
* Dirofilariinae,
* Oswaldofilaria sp.) * Nematode oxytes (Tachygonetria sp) * Strongyloxil nematodes Camallanus sp. And other unidentified species) * Balantidium sp * Nematodes ascarids (Angusticaecum sp.) * Pholeter gastrophilus Parasites on turtles * DigeneaGorgoderina parvicava * Cestoda Cylindrotaenia americana * Apletana hylambatis * Batracholandros spectatus * Capillaria sp. * Rhabdias sphaerocephala * Acantocephala Centrorhynchus sp. * Aplectana hylam batis PARASITES IN AMPHIBIANS * Plasmodiae * Leucocytozoon * MICROFILARIA * Trypanosoma * Entamoebea e coli * Entamoebea histolitica BIRD PARASITES DIAGNOSTIC TESTS BILIOGRAPHY FLOTATION sedimentation technique PCR ELISA Actabiol / PDF's / V6N1 / Art2V6N1.pdf http : // SAMPLE TAKING

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