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I want to add a caveat to this, if I may. Although @ mdewey's answer is widely accepted, the precise etymology is uncertain, although it almost certainly comes from Nahuatl. There is little historical evidence of the "many trees" theory (the Wikipedia's article is a blog on the "rainforest facts"). I do not think there is any historical evidence, to be honest.

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The myelin sheath is made up of fat and protein which acts as an insulator on the nerves (axons) in the brain and spinal cord. The PLP1 gene is on the X chromosome so most affected individuals are evils who inherit the abnormal gene from their mothers.

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It moves towards quality and diversity and moves away from the globalization that vulgarizes our tastes. The beer was not meant to be a bland, tasteless and apathetic brew.

An alternative theory, supported by ethnohistorical accounts, is that the name is derived from the Nahuatl word for "eagle" cuahuitl Cuāuhtli, "tree"). This referred to the "eagle warriors", the elite military unit in the city of Iximche. Iximche was the capital of the Kaqchikel people and it served the first Spanish capital of the country. Below you can see the city represented via its "eagle warrior". (This comes from the canvas of Quauhquechollan.) I believe this theory is generally more popular among archaeologists and has, all in all, more evidence to support it.

Word, being a Guatemalan myself. The first is that we consider it (unsurprisingly) a very rude expression. The second is that the same decomposition of the word Guate-something has been widely used. Guatebuena is common, and slightly cheesy. Guate-morphosis was a recent, Pepsi-financed, campaign.

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