Published: Mon, July 31, 2017
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GC1WGQ5 Sombrasas - The Challenge (Traditional Cache) in Braga, Portugal created by Aboim_Survivor + Celva + Alternativa XL

The massif of the shrubs are located at a height of 1300 m in a granitic massif above the small bay of Porto da Laje and perhaps the most alpine part of the Gerês mountain range.

For those who like Gerês, the Trilho da Vezeira passing through the Sombrasas is an unforgettable landmark.

The valley of the Sombrasas is really the icing on the cake of this walk. The Rio do Touca with its granite massifs and waterfalls is spectacular. The Sombrasas impress with its grandeur and elegance.

A spectacular route.

The steep slopes make it unwise if all conditions are not met.

Hummingbird Nest - Welcome.
Considered one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Costa Rica is the special jewel of Central America. Ly beach hotels, mountain lodges and unique, small hotels throughout Costa Rica.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Food and drink The museum has two restaurants, a café, a picnic area and an ice cream parlor where you can satisfy your appetite. If you travel on a motorhome, bus or trailer, there are restrictions on the type of vehicles traveling on Gates Pass Road.

The genus Fleischmannia in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay (Eupatorieae, Asteraceae)
An additional distinction of the new species seems to be the shorter corollas and much shorter anther thecae. Many of the other specimens were also given that name.

The massif of shady is located at 1300 m altitude in A granitic massif situated above the mini Bayou Port of Laje and perhaps the most alpine saw Gerês.

For those who like the Geres, the Trail is shady Vezeira going through a watershed too. > The valley of shady is really icing on the cake of this journey. The River Touca with its massive granite and waterfalls are spectacular. The shady impresses with its grandeur and elegance. Fantastic.

A spectacular route.

The steep slopes make it inadvisable if not all conditions were met. Then you can follow the same trail to the Fafião - Varanda das Sombrosas cache, and from there you can see the proposed purpose. If someone wants to use the same rail we use, they can always download it

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