Published: Sat, July 29, 2017
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How did the Virgin of Guadalupe Get Her Name? | Houston Press

How did the Virgin of Guadalupe Get Her Name? | Houston Press

How did the patron saint of Mexico get a name derived from Arabic?

El Moro Judo

Dear Jewish Moor,

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You are referring to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the brown-skinned apparition of the Virgin Mary who tradition appears before the Aztec peasant Juan Diego in December 1531 just outside modern-day Mexico City. As you correctly noted, Guadalupe's etymological roots spring from Arabic: The name is a mishmash of the Arabic word for valley (wadi) and the Latin lupus (wolf) and was what The Moors called a river in the Extremadura region of Spain. Hernn Corts and his merry band of murderous Extremadurans venerated the Black Madonna found near their hometown river, so it's no stretch to theorize that any Holy Mother appearing before the bunch of Mexicans on the conquistador's watch would assume the name Of Guadalupe.

Can the December 12 roundups be construed as just your everyday harassment and discrimination against Mexicans by a corrupt government and corporate slave masters hellbent on intimidation?

Gabacho Blood , Mexican Heart

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