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Tobit 2 DHH - Tobit is Blind - Being King - Bible Gateway

Tobit 2 DHH - Tobit is Blind - Being King - Bible Gateway

Tobit is blind

2 When King Esarhaddon was king, I returned to my house and returned my wife Ann and Tobias to my son. Once we were celebrating our feast of Pentecost (also called "feast of weeks"). I had prepared a good feast, and sat at the table. They fixed the table and brought me several dishes. Then I said to my son Tobias, "Son, go and see if you find any Israelites, of those who have been banished to Nineveh, who have been faithful to God with all their heart and who are poor, and invite him To eat with us. I wait for you, son, until you return.

Tobias went to get some poor Israelite, and then came back and called me.

-What is it, son? "Father," he said, "there is an Israelite killed, and he is lying in the square!" They just strangled it!

I did not even try the food. I quickly went to the square, took the corpse from there and put it in a room, waiting for the night to be buried. I returned home, washed well and ate very sadly. Then I remembered what the prophet Amos had said when he spoke against Bethel: "I will change the feast days to mourning for the dead, and the songs in mourning." And I began to weep. When night came, I went, dug a grave and buried the dead man. My neighbors mocked me and said, "Last time they were looking to kill him for doing that, and he ran away; And he is not yet afraid! There he is again burying the dead! "

During that time, my wife Ana dedicated herself to work in women's jobs. He sent them to his employers, and they paid them. One day, the seven of the month of Distro, he finished his weaving and sent it to his masters. They paid him everything and also gave him a kid to eat. When he reached the house, the kid began to blubber. I called her and asked her:

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- Where did that kid come from? Have you stolen it? Give it back to its owners, for we have no right to eat anything stolen.

She replied:

-It's a gift to me, P> I did not believe him, and I kept urging him to give it back to his owners. I was embarrassed by what she had done. Then he said to me:

-That's where your charity works! This is where your good deeds stopped! Now you see what you are!

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