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Yucatan Birds - Birdwatching Locations - Maya World Studies Center - Mexico

Yucatan Birds - Birdwatching Locations - Maya World Studies Center - Mexico

Your birding adventure may begin very early in the morning after your arrival. Most guides will take you to the Reserve by boat; Finding a knowledgeable English speaking guide / boat capitan is easy with the assistance of the hotel owners. Although many waterbirds and even mangrove birds like the Mangrove Warbler or the Mangrove Swallow can easily be seen while walking the malecon avenue where the hotel is located.

The best spots to try for the endemics could be anywhere on the other side of the mangrove belt in the dry coastal scrub. A good local guide will take you to find locations that Turquoise-browed Motmots in the summer. The scrub might be all it takes to see the endemics, but you may also be guided to the best piece of habitat that is supposed to be around (according to Howell's book).

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