Published: Tue, August 01, 2017
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10 Christmas Tree Patterns to Crochet / DIY ~ My unforgettable party

10 Christmas Tree Patterns to Crochet / DIY ~ My unforgettable party

Decorate your home with Christmas Trees or Pines woven with crochet or crochet. 10 Models for you to choose your favorite.

The first pine is quite simple to make. Crochet knitted christmas pine with half-point, cone-shaped. It is woven from the tip, in tubular form and increases are made in each row, to conserve the cone shape. This base is woven from a darker green color. When finished, we will weave some rows of lighter green, following the design of waves, to which we make a white border in dwarf point to make the snow on the pine. These fan guards weave every two or three centimeters, depending on the thickness of the wool used, because it will depend on the size of the guards.

Decorate with a star to crochet for the tip, and small pearls, and sequins. Fill with synthetic cotton or fleece.

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Crochet Christmas tree with crocodile stitch, decorated with multicolored pearls.

Christmas tree woven conical with crochet in half. To add branch appearance to the cone, every 3 cm we will weave woven waves with 4 chains and joined with dwarf point. In each wave we insert a bead or colored bead. We decorate the top end with crochet star.

These crochet knitted Christmas spruce are simple cones that have different colors forming stripes, beads to decorate and a bow at the end.

The models we see below are well detailed in the tutorial I have added just below the photo, a button to access with a single click.

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