Published: Mon, August 21, 2017
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Having chives and garlic in the garden or in the garden has many advantages, since you can use them in food preparation, drinks and pest prevention. Also, when they bloom, they will fill your yard with color. So if you make the decision today to plant a new plant, the chives will be a great choice.

Chard or Allium schoenoprasum is the youngest of the family Onion, also relative of garlic, leek and shallot. It is native to Europe, but this plant, which may resemble grazing, fits very well in different places.

The word cebollino comes from the Latin cepa meaning onion. The scent and flavor of the chives remind you of garlic, but less strong. It goes very well with dishes based on eggs, cheeses and potatoes. I love to use it fresh in revoltillos and in Spanish tortillas. But you can also include it in salads and in the preparation of dressings.

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I planted chive plants in my garden, among the eggplants and in miniature rose bushes. Its strong aroma, which contains sulfur compounds, removes insects and also has fungicidal properties. It results in a good accompanying plant, especially for rose bushes, which tend to suffer from black spot , a fungus that creates dark spots on the top of their leaves. In addition, it increases the fragrance of the roses.

We use its long, thin and green leaves for culinary purposes, and recently I learned that mixologists use it in the preparation of creative cocktails, but we should leave Some plants bloom as their flowers are a beautiful pinkish purple color and attract bees and other pollinators. So my plan will be to let the plants that are with the rosebush bloom.

These plants adapt very well to all types of soils. They need sun, continuous irrigation and a soil rich in organic matter. You can germinate easily from seeds or, as I did, buy seedlings in the nursery. They are the type of plant that as you go cutting what you need, it will continue to throw new leaves. If you want to propagate more plants, once it is well rooted, you can divide the chives and re-plant them.

According to the literature, eating onions promotes healthy circulation and contributes to good digestion. Even more reason to plant it!

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