Published: Tue, August 15, 2017
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Guide to reading labels | Veganuary

But do not panic. It is not about learning a new language; In one week you will have reached the level of Expert Expert Label Reader ; And in a month, you will be able to add another word for that title: Fast Expert L Expert Tag Editor . Vegans can read incredibly fast, it's like a superpower. But we'll tell you a secret ... it's just because we know what to look for ...

Here are some tips that will make you fill your shopping cart with confidence. Go to this guide whenever you need it. And if in doubt, better leave it out.

Does the label say "vegan"?

Vegan has never been so easy! It's the best time to become a vegan. Never before had there been so many options and with the internet we can check anything when we see it for the first time. However, food labels are still playing pilla-pilla, so it's very rare to find anything labeled "vegan". Does this mean that your options are suddenly limited to the fruit and vegetable section? No, it just means that you have to be a little smarter.

There are many tags that will indicate if something is vegetarian, so our first tip is to look for them.

If you see any of these ingredients, then it is not * vegan:

* We have just commented on the ingredients that may be more unfamiliar to participants in Veganuary. We have not included the "obvious" ones like chicken, beef or some specific types of fish or seafood. If you are not sure what we eat vegans, please look at this definition:

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A vegan does not eat meat from any animal (including fish, seafood and poultry ), Eggs, dairy products, honey, or any other animal product

The tagging of "may contain"

In the UK, companies have to state whether they use allergens in the manufacture of their products. You may be confused reading a label that does not appear to indicate any ingredient other than vegan and then put "may contain milk", for example. This is a legal requirement and does not mean that the product is not a vegan.

Other small things to The ones that pay attention ...

• "lactose free" or "non dairy" does not necessarily mean that it is vegan; In fact, it is more common that they are not. Read these labels as you would any other. • Both glycerol / glycerol , lactic acid , mono or And stearic acid may come from animal fat, but they may also be vegan. If they are vegetable derivatives, should indicate on the label. UU. White sugar can be refined using charred bones. Do not be fooled by the name "brown sugar", it is simple white sugar mixed with molasses. Here is a list of suppliers of vegan sugar.

In case of doubt, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

* Contacting manufacturers directly is also good in the sense that it emphasizes the importance of better labeling and, at the same time, promotes the demand for vegan products.

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