Published: Sun, August 27, 2017
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Iberian Nature - Service of guides of nature. Birding in Extremadura

We have news for next weekend, February 25 and February 26.

On the occasion of the celebration of the FIO, from Iberian Nature we will offer two ornithological routes oriented to the observation of steppe birds and other birds of the plain.


We have scheduled two ornithological exits :

Exit Nº 1: Esteparias and other birds of the Llanos de Talaván and Cáceres Time of departure : 8:00

Duration : 5 hours and a half.

Meeting point

Exit Nº 2: Torrejón el Rubio (next to the bus stop)

Stepparts and other birds of the plains of Trujillo and Cáceres

Departure time : 15:00

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Fauna of the la leche river basin, Victor Miguel Ponce
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Meeting point : Trujillo (in the parking lot of the bullring).

Price : 30 € / person.

Among the most outstanding species we will see are steppe birds such as the bustard > sisón , ganga ibérica , ganga ortega and alcaraván .

Special interest will be the European owl , the European breeding or wintering like Golden Plover .

Among the daytime raptors that are observable on this route, we can highlight the primitive kestrel, merlin, pale eagle or great eagles such as the imperial eagle or the Bonelli's eagle. >

We will also pay attention to the numerous passerines that inhabit the plains, such as calandrias, larks or shrikes, among other species.

- Ornithological guide service. Optical material (primates and high quality telescope).

- RC Insurance.

The ornithological routes will be guided by Jesus Porras , who develops his activity as a professional ornithological guide since March 2005 through the company Iberian Nature.

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For more information and reservations:

> Iberian Nature - Nature guides service

Tlf: 676 78 42 21 (Jesús Porras).

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