Published: Sat, August 26, 2017
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Left in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

Left in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

1 (left side) left (f)

There was a strong light coming from the left.

turn it to the left [+ key, knob] Left to right are ... from left to right we see ...; the third from the third leftel starting from the left

In this row of statues, the third from the left is the Black Prince.

He sat on the stage with Stroop at his left ...

on the left lefta ​​p>

Through their tendrils (a kind of hooks that allow them to attach themselves to other objects and climb through them). It can reach heights of 3 - 5 meters depending on the environmental and nutritional conditions of its development.

Sensing Colombia's biodiversity in the Nambi reserve | Aidvolunteers
Of the 9,600 species that exist today in the world, there are 1,800 in Colombia and among them 354 in the Reserva del río Ñambí. Thus, we learned among other things, that hummingbirds only see bright colors, so the flowers they feed are usually bright red.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.

Her office is down the corridor on the left ... There was a gate on our Left leading into a field ...

it's on the left as you go in the left as you enter; it's the first / second door on the leftes the first / second door on the left; The leftconduce or handle on the left; (LAm)


the left (Pol)

The left

While the Right is holding its ground, the Left is shifting its ground ...

/ Em> left; (Esp)

[on] the leftshe's on the left of the partyI gather that politically he's a bit on the left ...... numerous other organizations on the Marxist left ... [to] the Left ofon social issues Mr Clarke is to the left of his other Cabinet colleagues

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