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National TV China Reports Imminent Obama Government Disclosure About Aliens and UFOs

National TV China Reports Imminent Obama Government Disclosure About Aliens and UFOs

Alfred Lambremont Webre Seattle Exopolitical Analyst January 21, 2011 Website Examiner

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The Chinese National Television Channel Xinhua News reports the imminent revelation of the extraterrestrial phenomenon by the administration Of Obama.
The unprecedented Chinese television bulletin announcing that US President Barack Obama may be preparing to reveal US relations with specific alien races was broadcast on Official channel Xinhua on January 4, 2011, on the eve of President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States.

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President Hu is currently visiting a Chinese language facility in Chicago, Illinois as I write this on June 21, 2011.

National Chinese Media Reports Upcoming UFO Disclosure by Obamaby

The Extraordinary Disclosure Career? The broadcast of the Chinese television channel Xinhua transmitted On the official news channel, states that President Barack Obama may be preparing an official revelation about the extraterrestrial presence. On the one hand, it could be fueled by an "extraterrestrial outreach race" currently being developed between China, the United States, and other major space powers as to which nation will be the first, and it will use the authority Of the head of state and the secret archives extraterrestrials to declare faithfully that there is an extraterrestrial presence in the Earth. The first country to confidently announce the extraterrestrial presence would gain global prestige and confidence from the more than 6.89 billion increasingly sophisticated extraterrestrial people who inhabit Earth at this time.

"Television news broadcasts (Prime Time) announcing alien admission by the United States ... have been broadcast in the halls of hundreds of millions of intrigued Chinese citizens"

"Commentators and analysts now believe that a cold war over the secrets of aliens and UFOs is now underway between the two superpowers"
"The historical decision (by Xinhua through the Chinese national television agency) to broadcast This news is seen as the product of fears that the United States may steal the glory of China and admit an alien presence on Earth before Beijing does.
"In fact, no particular part wants to admit publicly that they are in contact with alien, however; At the same time, they do not want the other party to do it first. In other words, if there is an admission on UFOs, the two countries want their moment of glory. "" Recent transmissions are probably a way for progressive elements within the Communist Party to elbow the notoriously cautious President Hu Jintao To pay attention to the likelihood that the United States will steal its moment and be sincere. "" In an age where the two superpowers possess huge nuclear arsenals, it is essential that the race for extraterrestrial outreach is not heated in Full-blown conflict, or foreign observers might be forced to intervene. "

Chinese science and extraterrestrial presence
In 2010 there were major UFO fly- The Chinese airports, closing the airports. It remains to be seen whether these are of extraterrestrial origin. The extraterrestrial presence seems to be more open in the dominant Chinese science than in the science of the West.

"The much-quoted Zhang Yifang, a professor of physics at Yunnan University and director of the Kunming UFO research association, recently claimed that aliens are alive and well and are living in Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang. "The complicated terrain in these places makes them perfect for watching us earthlings," he says.
"But I think they are good and have no intention of attacking us. Perhaps, they change shape and camouflage themselves as human beings or have designed human-looking robots to observe us. "" UFOs are rumors, or pseudo science as some people think, "he said that's Shanghai.
"It is a fact that the whole human race has to face. He needs our attention and study. Although most scientists have a negative attitude toward UFOs at the moment, there are some who recognize its existence. Since the late 1970s, UFO witnesses have begun to appear frequently, and more and more scientists are beginning to study them too, for example, Pan Junye, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhu Jin of the Beijing Observatory, And Wang Sichao of Nanjing Observatory "
"Also, Lou is convinced that his own sighting was not an error."

"On September 26, 1971, I was serving in the PLA No 9 aviation school, Was in a small valley in the suburb of Laohekou, Hubei. After dinner, we walked to the park to observe an open field affair. I still can remember, it was a North Korean color shot called "Flower Girl"
The sky was very beautiful and clear, with many stars. I looked at the sky by chance and suddenly I saw a spiral object flying slowly across the sky. It was twice as big as a full moon and the speed was similar to an airplane.
We were all from aviation school, so we had learned the principles of aviation, talked about airplane stories and seen many real airplanes. But none had seen anything like this. At that time, nobody knew what a UFO was, but we all definitely eliminated the possibility that it was some kind of man-made object. Since then, a big question mark has been imprinted on my head. "Lou says it is rational to assume that the Earth is the only special planet to us.

The conditions necessary for the development of life are not so extreme, then we should not be the only children of the universe, he says.

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