Published: Wed, August 30, 2017
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Pachamama Forest Garden / Pachamama Forest

The Pachamama garden forest was hit by industrial machinery and "progressive" ideas twenty-five years ago or more. Due to the topography, location, soil types and other characteristics that respond to the humid tropics, as we work on the holistic development suitable for this property, we also correct the negative consequences of human errors and heavy equipment. Some of the direct consequences range from the loss of nutrients to soil compaction, which causes runoff and erosion, among other problems. The results of re-designing the natural form of terrain can be unpredictable, especially when we ignore its unique characteristics. The lands in the tropics are fragile and prone to erosion even when they are not intentionally impacted. This is why we should take the time to study and explore the pros and cons before considering the use of industrial machinery such as bulldozers or "sows." As soon as the land is impacted by these equipment, there is a permanent footprint and with this, multiple long-term consequences.

A direct consequence of unplanned impacts to the land is landslides. A problem created in the past by the lack of knowledge and probably due to the desire to exploit the land as has been the use and custom from the boom of industrialization * that began intensely on the island from the forties .

Little agricultural activity in the last decades allowed a state of rest to the earth which has allowed the rebirth of the forests (secondary). This represents - in my opinion - a second and incredible opportunity to re-learn about how we can use forests with sensitivity and intelligence, while we plant, use and protect them.

Other fields of related studies, have confirmed that there are conventional practices that have caused much damage to the environment in general. Now, what proceeds is the integration and application of all knowledge - ancient or modern - that proposes to restore part of the natural harmony that has been destroyed by progress, exploitation, comfort, ambition and ignorance. (* The process of industrialization has been a continuum from the European colonizing movement.)

"Nature is sacred because it is she who provides what we need to survive." Doña Vitta ​​em>

The Pachamama forest garden was impacted by industrial machines and the ideas of "progressive" people about twenty-five years ago or more. Due to its topography, location, soil types and other characteristics that belong to the humid tropics, as we are working on the proper holistic development of this project, we also have to correct the negative consequences of human error and big machines. Examples run from nutrient depletion to compacted soil, which causes water runoff and erosion, among many other problems.

Fauna of the la leche river basin, Victor Miguel Ponce
Fauna of the La Leche river basin, Lambayeque, Peru / table & gt; Long-tailed mockingbird Peruvian ... The plantcutter tyrant of Myiarchus Tumbezia rufous Sturnella / P> thick-knee carrion > Lafresnaye's Woodpecker lafresnayi Black-faced Theristicus I> albipennis red-masked Hawk Falco red-tailed hawk

Crystalline Cave
It means the sickness of a species that has forgotten its true nature is becoming acute in order to produce a cure. Whichever way you go bang into your own unresolved issues, your own leftover karma, your own unfinished business.

Yucatan Birds - Birdwatching Locations - Maya World Studies Center - Mexico
The best spots to try for the endemics could be anywhere on the other side of the mangrove belt in the dry coastal scrub. A good local guide will take you to find locations that Turquoise-browed Motmots in the summer.

One direct consequence, due to the lack of planning and consideration of these impacts are landslides. This problem was created in the past by the absence of knowledge and probably, by the desire to exploit nature as was the use and custom since industrialization * came to the island, around decade of the forties.

The Limited agricultural activity in the past decades has allowed a resting period for the land that has facilitated the growing of novelle new forests island wide. In my opinion, this represents an incredibly important opportunity to re-learn how to wisely use and protect our new forests at the same time that we sensitively and intelligently integrate agricultural practices.

By the end of that decade, Most of the primary forests of Puerto Rico were clear cut for agricultural use and later, for the development of housing and commercial malls. Most of the proposed development models of that time did not consider soil conservation, the protection of natural resources and least of all the symbiosis between humans and nature.

Ecology's scholars as well as experts from other related fields have confirmed That there are conventional practices that have caused, and continue to cause much harm {in general} to our environment. Now, what needs to proceed is the integration and application of all knowledge -old and new- that propose the re-establishment of some part of the destroyed natural harmony due to progress, exploitation, comfort, ambition and ignorance. "Nature is sacred because it provides us with what we need to subsist." (* The industrialization process in a continuum that began with the European colonizing movement.)

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