Published: Sat, August 19, 2017
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The loyal | Tumblr

The loyal | Tumblr

Spanish songs | To be fluent
Might want to start! Every Friday, I'll post youtube video of a Spanish song, along with the lyrics in both Spanish and English. This is ongoing work, so I hope you will correct any errors or share any insight into the meaning of the original song.

Flowers use iridescence to attract insects | News, Sports, Opinion and more |
Opals are iridescent, as are several species of insects, such as some beetles and butterflies. However, until very recently the iridescence in plants was overlooked.

Punnett chart
This is explained according to the law of segregation A pair of genes is segregated (separated) in the formation of gametes. In the black vertical cells are placed the alleles or genes that will contribute The mother to the gametes.

picture alex picking up maggie at the bar. She's late, so some girl is already hitting on maggie, far too close for alex's liking. So alex saunters up and introduces herself ... to maggie. She gives maggie a look letting her know to play along, and maggie does not disappoint. Imagine alex using some cheesy line and maggie turning to the girl from before and rolling her eyes like, "can you believe this?" But then she turns back to alex and is like, "yeah, you're gonna have to do better than That. "So alex pretends to think for a second and then climbs into maggie's lap and straddles her on the chair while they make out for a full minute. Then when alex pulls back, maggie's like, "hey, did you forget we have dinner plans with your sister tonight?" And they continue to have a normal conversation until the girl, who is shook , gets up And leaves. They laugh about it for a minute before m'gain eat over rolling their eyes and it's like, "you guys really need to come up with a new bit."

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