Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
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GC6VPWD Taffonis in the Caves of Navaluenga (Earthcache) in Extremadura, Spain created by iGambusinos

Weatherization defines the set of biological, chemical or physical processes that break or break the stone into smaller pieces. Weathering processes can act independently or together, as can be seen at different scales when observing the erosion and transport of the debris eroded, often by wind or water, away from the interior of the cavity.

Biological weathering: For organic acids that secrete in the form of a halo, the colonies of microorganisms, chemically corroding the biotite. This biochemical process leaves behind an ellipsoidal area, impoverished in ferric oxide foundation, which is more easily eroded and corroded.

Chemical weathering: Chemical processes associated with the development of Taffoni tend to include hydration, hydrolysis and cation exchange between mineral solutions and the host rock. Moisture fungi that promote taffoni formation may be salt rich waters, condensed air moisture, melted snow, groundwater, and rainwater. The decomposition of feldspar minerals from the clay, the attack of quartz by the salt and the detachment of biotite iron seems particularly important in the chemical wear of tafoni.

Physical weathering: > Physical or mechanical cavernous atmospheric processes generally refer to the grain-to-grain destruction of a stone, also known as granular disintegration. According to researchers, physical weathering is more frequent than chemical or biological in the formation of taffoni.

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In summer, irrigation once every two days (the hottest days, once a day) and in winter, once every 2 or 3 days. I am lucky to live in the north of Spain, near the sea, so I usually have a high humidity throughout the year.

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Biological Weathering: By secreting organic acids in the shape of a halo, colonies of microorganisms chemically weather biotite.

Chemical Weathering: Chemical weathering processes associated with tafoni development tend to include Hydration, hydrolysis, and the exchange of cations between mineral solutions and the host rock. Sources of moisture promoting tafoni formation can be from saline-rich spray and splash, condensation from the air, melted snow, groundwater, and rainwater.

Physical Weathering:

Physical Weathering Physical, or mechanical, cavernous weathering processes generally refer to the grain-by-grain destruction of a rock (also known as granular disintegration). Physical weathering is invoked by researchers more often than biological or chemical weathering when describing creative taffoni forces.

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