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Information On Capillary Fragility - Capillaritis, Purpura - Diet and

Capillary is the smallest type of blood vessel in the vascular system. Capillaries connect the smallest arteries with the smallest veins; They are only narrow that only one blood cell can pass them at a time. The capillary wall is the conduit for material passing from an artery to a twenty. The function of capillaries is to carry oxygen-rich blood to the tissues, to pass food substances to tissue cells, and to carry away waste products, such as carbon dioxide.

Capillaritis is the name given to a harmless Skin condition in which there are reddish-brown patches caused by leaky capillaries. It is also known as pigmented purpura.

Purpura is a skin discoloration caused by bleeding (hemorrhage) under the skin. A small hemorrhage is called a petechia and a large one, as in a bruise, is called an ecchymosis. Fragment of the blood vessels usually is inherited, although it seldom is serious.

There is no known cure for most cases of telangiectasia, there are obvious abnormalities of the blood vessels in the lips, mouth, and fingers.

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. It may disappear within a few weeks, recur from time to time, or frequently persist for years.

Consider if a medication could be the cause: discontinue it for several months to find out if the capillaritis improves. Try avoiding food preservatives and artificial coloring agents. Return to a normal diet if there is no improvement after several months. Topical steroids can be useful for itching but rarely clear the capillaritis. If the lower leg is affected, consider wearing graduated compression elastic hose. Currently available lasers are not particularly helpful for this condition.

PCOs are believed to improve capillary stability, and are used for venous insufficiency, liver cirrhosis, diabetic retinopathy, postsurgical lymphedema, postoperative facial edema, sports injury related edema, repeated ecchymoses, and purpuric syndromes.

PCOs are a variety of flavonoid-like proanthocyanins found in numerous plants. Some of the most abundant sources are grape seeds and maritime pine bark. Other food sources include hawthorn flowers, various berries, onions, legumes, red wine, and parsley, and related chemicals are found in bilberry. Collectively, they are known as procyanidolic oligomers. This antioxidant effect occurs in both polar and nonpolar media, giving PCOs a certain functional similarity to lipoic acid. In Europe, PCOs are widely used to treat conditions believed to be related to increased capillary fragility. These include venous insufficiency (varicose veins and hemorrhoids), other unsightly superficial blood vessels, easy bruising, edema of various causes, and diabetic retinopathy. PCOs are also used for skin aging, Macular degeneration, allergic rhinitis, and Atherosclerosis. Additionally, they are promoted as general antioxidants.

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