Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
World | By Lorena Waters


As in the last post, I have continued to discover species that, while observing, seem to tell me something. Trying to stay conscious, looking where I'm going and where I walk. It is a nice exercise and it delivers nice surprises. If you want to cooperate with photos and stories, welcome.

Species: Some type of Fern

"I look and look at the leaves of this fern ... Will have a pest or will it be?

Yesterday, my official consultant responds to me, it is like this !!!!!

Ferns reproduce through spores, Which do not produce seeds.The little dots that come out under their leaves are the sachets where the spores come in. They are also from the oldest group of plants on the planet since the time of the dinosaurs. The days you learn something new. "

Name: We will call it small grass daisy since I am not sure if it is a small daisy or other species.

A small detail appears within A sea of ​​green. Its colors contrast with everything else and is alone, so small but so strong ... trampled, forgotten and without much importance stands up firm and great in the sun. The night will be another story.

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Chard or Allium schoenoprasum is the youngest of the family Onion, also relative of garlic, leek and shallot. According to the literature, eating onions promotes healthy circulation and contributes to good digestion.

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Gerbera : It belongs to the daisy family and therefore assumes the symbolism associated with the daisy flower. The blue hyacinth represents constancy, purple pain, red or pink play, white beauty and yellow jealousy.

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They are a classic that can not miss in your closet, as well as comfortable to walk without stopping in the city. I hope you like the look! Happy Thursday and thank you for being on the other side of the screen.

Name: A type of fern
Feeling the sun the grass begins to itch. I get up and at the height of my eyes there are fern leaves. I raise a leaf, I know what I'm going to discover, but it still surprises me. Their spores are different, like stitches of thread under their leaves. I feel seduced, nature continues to enchant.

Name: Hypericum Grandiflolium, also called Malfurada

Green, all year round a green, green and low carpet.

"When the eyes see what they never saw, the heart feels what it never felt"

P> Name: Capuchin, Galan Spur, Queen's Taco

Perhaps this means: The most important component of this plant is a glycoside that when decomposed releases a substance called benzyl isothiocyanate; This compound may be gastric irritant. In the leaves we find ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In the seeds a fatty oil, composed for the most part of trierucine, is formed; And finally, in the flowers appear pigments of the group of carotines and a coloring matter called sorbusina.
All these substances confer on the capuchin antibiotic, balsamic, expectorant, antiscorbutic and aperitive properties.
As an antibiotic, it has been proven to be active against a large number of germs, including staphylococci, streptococci and salmonella.
In addition, the components of the plant are largely eliminated by the urine and in smaller quantities through the lungs.
For this reason they take advantage of its disinfectant properties in acute infections of the urinary tract and of the bronchi. Another property that is attributed to the whole plant is to be a great stimulant of the activity of the hair bulb, preventing the Hair loss and favoring its growth.

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