Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
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Old photos and videos 12 (Train, cars, trucks, tractor) | CARLOS Tigre without Time = CTsT = Matrix Blog of C.V.P.

Old photos and videos 12 (Train, cars, trucks, tractor) | CARLOS Tigre without Time = CTsT = Matrix Blog of C.V.P.

This time I show old photos about a group of elderly railway employees in the USA, one from Peru and the classic cars of the 50's in the USA and other cars and curiosities much older than many

Below we can see 3 photos and a brief biographical review of 3 former railway workers in the USA, which date back to 2009:


In the following photo you can see an old train and two "Peruvian train cars" that currently rest in the railway museum of the city of Tacna (extreme south of Peru) P> Below is a brief personal video of "Carcochas" of the 2008 in the USA

Years of 1954, where we see two models of mercury, ford, chevrolet and how to rent cars of those years:

Next we see a truck of beginnings of 1900 in the USA, another rustic or field truck, and a "tractor-train" that was built with the technology of the 1800s:

Imagen titulada Decorate Your School Binder Step 2

We see the police cars of Early nineteenth century when they rushed to a distress call. Also below we see two vehicles that have suffered accidents in those times:

In the next couple of photos we appreciate how the people of that time were transported exposing themselves to the inclemency of the climate, Without so much comfort and speed as now; But without those cars we would not have been able to reach the present:

As always the automotive curiosities are present from the beginning. Below we see a couple of cars wrapped in a polo match. Currently horses are used that are more safe and suitable to practice the sport:

So long.

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