Published: Mon, September 04, 2017
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Privacy Policy | Global Force for Healing

Privacy Policy | Global Force for Healing

"In Luna Maya we work to ensure that all women in Mexico have access to humanized health services, including safe and humanized birth. We believe that women in Mexico have the right to make informed decisions about their bodies and to have access to the resources necessary to ensure their health and wellbeing. We are a place where midwives, allopathic and alternative practitioners, and teachers of yoga and movement work to create an experience for mothers' health and maternity personalized to each woman's lifestyle and desires. " Luna Maya is also deeply involved in organizing The midwifery profession to be recognized by the Mexican government.

Their Story: Eduardo and Fernanda Eduardo and his mother Fernanda began "Peaceful Parenting / Early Childhood Development / Attachment Parenting" > Classes when Edward was just two months old. They continue classes to-date, three years later, each arriving Monday at 4 pm. From the very first classes, Fernanda has used this space to share her doubts and challenges in raising a child, including fears about what has sometimes been difficult or unexplainable reactions of her little one. Fernanda has challenged an old, traditional parenting style based on punishments and rewards, and found her very own parenting style based on love and instinct, and a deep desire to offer Eduardo a more secure attachment. It is so clear that this space, focused on early childhood development, empathhetic listening, creative attachment, and connection, and a place to share with other parents facing similar milestones, has contributed to the solid, secure, and loving relationship between Fernanda and Eduardo . This experience has had a profound impact on their physical, psychic, and emotional health.

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Familogia: Practical guide to discover the meaning of family coexistence - eBook: Gabriel Salcedo: 9781496419811 -
For that reason Familogía will provide simple yet profound tools to help readers comprehend the true meaning of family life. Also, you will be able to see what the essential functions of the family are and to think about how to carry them out.

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Thanks also to the staff and volunteers of the U-Gaming Convention for allowing me to host this event. Knapp for providing general equipment and / or rules for Some of the tournament games.

For more information on Luna Maya, visit their website. Founder and Director - Cris Alonso

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