Published: Fri, September 08, 2017
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Reformed your | Tumblr

Reformed your | Tumblr

Since "Reformed" I wanted to do an analysis of Gem bodies and how they work. After doing some research the answer has become more complicated than previously thought.

How the body is formed: When the body is formed it starts as a basic mannequin, traits are then applied based off the personality, Experiences and possibly the emotional state of the gem.

Gem bodies seem to be hard light constructs, similar to their weapons. These bodies do not seem to fatigue or hunger, even though these bodies obviously have physical limits. They can also be altered through shape-shifting, but whether or not these are permanent changes to be seen.

Now why would they need all of these biological functions for what is essentially a solid hologram? How can they go without sleep, food or air if they need it? I believe their bodies are made out of particles of light which behave like cells and while they have "natural" processes they can run off the energy from their gems instead. It is also possible that these are to replenish and run their bodies should they require it.

Gem Regeneration: Accidents happen, regardless of how careful you tread. When gems sustain serious injury they release their forms and retreat into their gem. When this happens their bodies burst in a puff of smoke and the gem falls to the ground.

The gem then goes into stasis for a period of time, this can be anything from a few hours to several weeks but It could be possible for years to pass by before stasis ends. After stasis ends the gem then reemerges with a new form.

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The most common change is just a simple outfit update but it is possible for other changes to occur. The gem's new form could also be affected by their state of mind or other factors. While it is possible to rush regeneration, this may have undesirable results ...

How this could tie into Gem Corruption: As we saw in "Reformed "Amethyst's form became more unstable each time she tried to reform quickly. In fact with Garnet and Steven's second regeneration he looked afraid that Amethyst had become corrupted.

It is entirely possible that when it reforms it is susceptible to corruption. All it would take was some sort of mental breakdown, emotional vulnerability or some other error with an ill-timed regeneration to turn eleven sentient gem into a gem beast.

He also seems to be partially immune to gem destabilizing technology, although a grid-work still appears when it is used on him.

This makes me believe that his body is a mosaic of human cells and light particles, with his human structure holding the light together.

Can Steven regenerate? That's very hard to say at this point in time. Luckily so far he has not gotten anything worse than a few scrapes, cuts and bruises. That luck will not last forever though, it's going to get badly hurt especially if things continue to escalate with Homeworld. I am hoping for the best case scenario but we will wait and see.

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